Monday, 21 June 2010

Philosophy. Smells good enough to eat, with ZERO calories.

I'm ruled by my sense of smell and I simply adore foodie scents. And its not just Philosophy products, this quirk extends to my passion for Yankee Candles (which I purchase from or  As you know, I am a Philosophy Girl, in every sense of the word.  And while I was pounding the streets of New York I came across these fab sets, which I purchased from birthday money kindly donated by the In-Laws (Thank you).

"Greetings from Maui" is (I was told by the SA!) an exclusive to Macy's.  It smells like cocktails, tropical holidays and cake all in one. It actually made my mouth water.  I'm serious! It was in my basket before you could say "Maui Wowie".   Macy's website says "the sweet, tropical fruit scent of aloha colada inspires the ultimate hawaiian pick-me-up and makes every day feel like a day on a white, sandy beach. paradise is just an aloha away".  Well, I couldn't have put it better myself and after writing this, I might sneak off for a tropical dip before bed.

The "Ice Cream, You Scream" set came from Sephora on Times Square.  The Boy went off on a scouting mission and returned with this sweet treat, whilst I was lost in the aisles.  That place is like the Magic Kingdom for those of us with Obsessive Cosmetics Disorder.  It is set out like a sweet shop for beauty fanatics. Every counter is pristine, as a team of cleaners work silently to ensure that everyone has the perfect (clean) Sephora experience. No grubby stands here, not sure about messy customers though!  I generally like to colour every available section of skin on the back of my hand, with various different eye and lip colours.  Usually, I look like I have been struck down by some rare tropical disease, colours merging into each other as I make use of every millimetre of space I have to hand (see what I did there?). Sephora even caters for the aforementioned finger painters (such as myself), as they provide stations that include disposable applicators (for lips/eyes/face), cotton wool, tissues and bottles of make-up remover/rubbing alcohol.  I didn't once feel bad about my handy work (surely you got that one??) in there.  Any-ways, I digress... The Boy returned with this set and promptly dragged me over to the testers for a sniff.  All the scents in this kit were divine and the packaging was super cute.  The Caramel Drizzle, smelt as though it had come straight from Starbucks (of which there was one, every half block or so!!). Totally yummy.  Bad news is, that The Boy now prefers my lovely Philosophy goodies to his Lynx/Gilette manly shower gels. He does treat me to quite a lot of these kits for Birthday/Christmas, so I suppose I'll have to live with him occasionally scrubbing his arse with my lovely girlie products.  Good job I love him, or there would be trouble!!


  1. "suppose I'll have to live with him occasionally scrubbing his arse with my lovely girlie products"

    thank you for that particular lol, not to mention the accompanying mental image I now have of the boy with a caramel drizzle topped backside!! (dont worry not having ever seen him is no obstacle to this mental image, I have a very vivid imagination!!) He was starting to sound scarily metro sexual til you mentioned the arse scrubbing. Found Sephora in Toulouse and spent several very happy hours playing, isn't it fab and why isn't it here??

  2. LOL! We had a laugh about your comment, his response "I'm not metro sexual. I just know what you like and which aisles to focus on" He sure does and I certainly cannot complain about that! Hmmmm metro sexual males, best get The Boy some "guyliner" and a wrestle that rucksack off him in favour of a nice trendy man bag (tee hee hee) Baaaaaabbbbbbbbbyyyyyyy...

  3. !! Steve and I have been married for 21 years and I would be hard pushed to haul him into Sephora at all and if I did he would stand looking peed off, checking his watch and keeping a tight grip on his wallet, not a cat's chance in hell he'd pitch up with an armload of goodies and haul me off to choose which I wanted! The Boy sounds like a keeper to me, lucky girl!



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