Sunday, 29 April 2012

Springtime Scentsations!

You know I don't generally subscribe to the perfume rules.  I take great pleasure in wearing what I want, when I want.  However, I have been veering towards specific scents in the mornings. I guess Spring must really be in the air!  Except for today of course, when it is lashing down. It's grey and rainy.  Horrible!  Might have to go and spritz myself with one of these scents to cheer me up. I think it's safe to say that I'm craving warmer, sunnier weather. 

  • JLo Miami Glow -  I have literally had this perfume for years, so if there is a perfume in my collection that I keep for Spring and Summer use - this is it.  It's a lovely beachy scent that has a real warmth to it, that I really like and it kind of reminds me of holidays. They say  "A sexy blend of tropical fruits, shimmering floral notes, and sultry amber and musk, this sensual scent is as hot as its namesake, and comes adorned with a colourful beach bracelet finished with a bronzed flip-flop charm" The tacky bracelet is long gone, but this happy, sunny scent remains in my collection.
  • Christian Dior Addict Shine (sadly discontinued from a quick Google search) -  I'm not usually a straight on floral girl, but this certainly dries down and mellows into something a touch more woody on me.  Which is fortunately right up my street.   They say  "A flower bouquet fondles with seductive notes of sweet raspberry, exciting and intensive sweet-silky gardenia aroma and balmy woody cedar notes"
  • BOSS Orange  - I got this as a Christmas gift in 2010, possibly?  I found it in my perfume cupboard a few weeks back and decided to bust it out of hiding.  This is a really nice, light perfume.  Not usually something that I gravitate towards, but pretty none the less.  They say "BOSS Orange Woman opens with an uplifting burst of sweet apples, a subtle and light-hearted middle note of white flowers but with a soulful base of creamy vanilla and olive woods." 
  • Givenchy Play (which I now think is officially called RWD PLAY FFWD - what a mouthful!!) - I picked this up in a Boxing Day Bargain shopping expedition.  I originally wanted the Intense version (which I also now own!), so when I saw this on sale in Boots I thought I'd give it a try. They say:   "The lighter and more delicate of the sister Play For Her fragrances, the surprising top notes of pink peppercorns, fruity white peach, bergamot and sweet pea give way to captivating middle notes of precious amyris wood, tiare flower and magnolia flower, whilst the sensual dry down of sandalwood and musks linger on the skin seductively"
  • Diesel Loverdose - My addiction to this scent is well documented, so much so that has fast become one of my favourite fragrances.  Which is good really, because I think Contradiction is coming to an end.  They say: "An addictive & unique fragrance with top notes of mandarin & star anise, followed by the two key notes of liquorice & rich vanilla followed by a base of sensual dry woods. The stunning Loverdose bottle is an edgy, multi-faceted heart with a dagger through the middle. It represents a beautiful but deadly weapon of seduction"  I'm sure it sounds like a winter fragrance to some people, but I wear this all year round. 
  • Eccada Especially Escada* -  I'm not usually a rose kind of girl,  that is Nic's arena.  Although this perfume and the one that follows are about to make a liar out of me.  They say: "An intense and sparkling top note of pear is paired with the muskiness of Ambrette Seeds at the opening of the fragrance, which ideally introduces the core scent of the dewy rose. Soft Ylang Ylang adds an uplifting facet to the romance of the rose, while light musky notes in the dry down create a naturally positive aura"    This is clearly a modern take on a traditional rose scent.  The addition of juicy pear and musk make this more appealing and wearable to my nose.   I wouldn't personally choose to wear something like Jo Malone Red Roses - as that is far too traditionally rosy and it would be way too L'eau de Interflora for me. However, this I like.  At the moment currently have 15% discount on Escada fragrances, so now may be a good time to invest! 
  • Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose - Like it's predecessor, this rose scent took me by surprise.   They say:  "TrĂ©sor Midnight Rose is a colourful, upbeat and joyful fragrance. It embodies mischievous femininity: rose becomes playful, driven by deliciously tangy raspberry tones, wooden shimmers and voluptuous vanilla notes"  As with Especially Escada, I find this rose based perfume much more appealing with the introduction of fruit.  On first spray, it's a blast of berries (smells like blackcurrant to me) that literally makes my mouth water. The rose is always there, just lingering in the background and that is just perfect for me.
Have you got any Spring/Summer fragrance favourites? Any surprises?

*PR Sample

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

February/March Empties

I'm a bit annoyed that I forgot to post this sooner, hence the February/March Empties in April!  Whoops! More annoying still, is that I have actually used up a few more bits and pieces  but I seem to have deleted the photo's. Oh well, it was only a couple of small sized Mineral Veil and a perfume, but I cannot for the life of me remember what it was.  Onwards and upwards. 
  • Blistex Relief Cream - amazing stuff that really works. Love it and have another on the go already.
  • bareMinerals lip gloss in '7 layer cake' - I really like these glosses. I wont be purchasing any for a little while, I have a tonne to get through.  Still think I prefer the Buxom glosses, if I'm honest.

  • The Body Shop Brazil Nut Butter - Lovely lip balm, will repurchase when the stash has diminished. (PS - don't you just love my mouse-mat at work?!? So cute!)

  • Two random Lancome Juicy Tubes - as above. Repeat ad nauseum!

  • V05 Gloss Me Smoothly shampoo/conditioner - I was so vastly underwhelmed by this, I let The Boy use it. Now that's saying something!
  • Ojon Volume Advance shampoo/conditioner - didn't dislike this, I just didn't notice an insane amount of volume and for that reason, I probably wont repurchase these again.
  • Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment - LOVE THIS! Backups standing by...
  • L'Occitane Almond Apple Cleansing Oil - nice enough product however, I prefer the Origins Clean Energy cleansing oil.
  • Philosophy Butterscotch Sauce 3 in 1 - I'm such a Philosophy girl.  I really liked this scent, shame it didn't linger.  As before, I'm depleting the stash before I make new purchases. Have plenty of Philosophy to get through though.
Have you finished anything marvellous recently? Do tell!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

QVC April 2012 Beauty TSV's

Tuesday 3rd April - Beauty Masterclass
Friday 6th April - Mally Beauty
Sunday 8th April - Beauty Tools and Accessories
Friday 13th April - Philosophy
Friday 20th April - Leighton Denny Expert Nails
Saturday 28th April - Festival of Beauty featuring...
Sunday 29th April - Elemis Skin Therapies

Happy Shopping!! 


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