Saturday, 26 June 2010

NYC Drugstore Nail Varnish Haul

 (L-R #14 Spectrum, #16 Laser, #23 Blazing Blue, #05 Vibrant and #07 Shining)

I spent quite a bit of time in Walgreens and Duane Reade while I was in NY.  I love having a look around shops like that and this is where I came across these Sally Hansen nail varnishes.

We have Sally Hansen in the UK, but there was certainly more choice of formula and colour in the States.  I was first drawn to Blazing Blue (about $6). It reminded me of OPI's Russian Navy, which I love.  Although on closer inspection I noticed that the shimmer particles were a bright teal/blue (almost the same colour as Spectrum) which  were shot through the polish, giving it a rather unique look. This particular polish is part of the Insta-Dri range and it did just that.  I wore this for the 5 days we were in NY and it didnt flake or chip.  The only thing I will say, is that when I removed it, my nails were tinged with blue.  So I had to follow Snowdrop85's idea when I got home and soon normal nail order was resumed.

On another trip, I spied the HD range (about $6.50 each).  I mean, how could I miss them! They have the most amazing multi-dimensional colours, including yellow, green and orange.  I went for Laser, which looks very blue on my pic, but it real life it has a purple undertone. While Spectrum is a gorgeous bright blue/aqua.  I cant wait to give those a try. I'm sure they will look stunning in daylight.

Vibrant and Shining were my bargains! They were on special at a Walgreens near Central Park for $3 each. Which is currently about £2 ish.  Shining is a very rich, red with a hint of shimmer.  Although its totaly different, it reminds me of Nails Inc Victoria.  Its a very classy statement colour and I loved it when I tried it out.  Vibrant I havent played with yet, but that was my wild card purchase.  Not a colour I'd usually go for, but it looked pretty and it was on sale, so what the hell!  I like the fact that there is a gold shimmer throughout the colour, meaning its not a flat regular pink.  I'll see how it goes when I try it out.

I'm really jealous of Nic's Nails Inc collection and I think I will have to make the Sorbet Collection mine! Although that will be a bit of a step awy from the norm for me.  What nail colours are you loving at the moment?

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