Saturday, 29 June 2013

Epic Empties - part two!

While I was cleaning out a few things, I noticed that quite a few of my lip stain pens had dried out. Sad, but I've had them for quite a few years, so I'm not too traumatised. 

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip stain and balm in Passion - I love lip stains. I'm a massive fan of low maintenance lip looks. Love this colour, but as with all of these pens, they dry out in the end. Probably wont repurchase this one as Revlon knock it out of the part with their (newish) Kissable Balm-stains!! 

Josie Maran Magic Marker lip and cheek stains in Jitterbug (hot pink) and Jive (orangey coral) - I purchased both of these from the Sephora in Times Square NYC. And what a trip it was!! I really enjoyed both of these colours, Jitterbug slightly more. I'll be honest, I never used them on my cheeks, but fhey wore pretty evenly and lasted a decent time. I'll have a look at these when I'm back in the States, even though they are pretty expensive. Who knows, a repurchase might be on the cards! 

Max Factor Lipfinity Liptint in 02 - I wasn't a massive fan of this colour on me and to be honest the MF stains wear off me in an odd way. They leave that weird ring around my lips.  I probably won't repurchase.

Josie Maran GOGO mascara - another nice JM product that came from the Lash Stash. Made my lashes very separated, although not massively volmumising in my opinion. I'm not as huge fan of those traditional wands, but a good everyday mascara. Might consider a repurchase one day. Maybe.

Fairydrops mascara - another Lash Stash product.  I liked the wand on this one although I can't say I noticed anything amazing. It's certainly no Benefit They're Real! That's for sure.  Again, may consider a repurchase one day. 

Diesel Loverdose EDP - my love for this fragrance is well document on this blog. Although it wasn't something I planned to fall in love with, I wouldn't be without it. So many lovely compliments from people when I wear this perfume. I've also found this to be an exceptionally good layering scent - much like its high end twin, Jo Malone Vanilla & Anise (which I also adore!!). I have bottles on standby that were gifts and I can't see myself neon without this, so it's a dead cert that I'll repurchase. 

The final empties instalment will feature hair care, skin care and body care. Keep a look out... 

The return of the Epic Empties - part one

All I ever seem to post about anymore are empties and QVC - and even that's infrequent of late - so why change the habit of a lifetime! ;-)

Seriously, as I'm feeling the urge to blog I thought I'd start off with something I can do from my iPhone. I get too wound up with mechanics of blogging and need to get back to basics. Put simply, I'm interested in Beauty stuff and talking to like minded addicts about beauty stuff. Simples. So that is what I am going to do.

So today, I am going to chat about my empties *roll eyes* (a small selection of my massive stash which will probably have to feature in seperate posts), but I do have other things in the pipeline, I promise... And so we begin:

JLo Miami Glow perfume - this has been in my collection for years. It's a inoffensive summer scent that has a slight coconut tinge to it. I'm not sure ill buy it again, but I have enjoyed using it.

Gucci Guilty EDP - another scent I enjoyed and I got lots of compliments wearing this. Warm, classy, I will repurchase.

Garnier Dark Spot Corrector - smelled nice but did nothing for me. Won't repurchase.

bareMinerals Well Rested - I never really got the hang of this. Is it an eye brighter? Is it a concealer? I have another sample pot to use, so if anyone has any ideas how to use then please let me know. Undecided about this, but we'll see.

ByTerry Baume De Rose - easily the most luxurious lip balm I've ever owned and I'm a lip junkie! This was a gift from Nic many moons ago and has long since been my bedtime lip balm. This lightly rose scented balm smooths dryness away overnight. Would I buy it? Probably not. Rose isn't my fave scent and I think it's a tad overpriced. Lovely, but overpriced.

Cutex Nourishing nail varnish remover - this was okay, it did the job, but I can't say I noticed it was particularly nourishing. Might consider repurchasing.

Leighton Denny Miracle Mist - does what it says on the tin.  Will probably repurchase at some point in the future.

Pout Liquid Highlighter in Love Glow - this has been hanging around for years too. Probably as long as the JLo Miami Glow! Made a concerted effort to use it up. I'm not even sure you can buy this anymore! Not sure I would anyway, there are others I like better (Benefit High Beam) 

Origins A Perfect World antioxidant moisturiser - this was a freebie from Origins when I recycled an old pot. How nice! I liked this, but kept it for nighttime as it made my combination skin a little oily for daytime use. Might buy it some time in the future.

Origins Spot Remover - another fairly ancient product! I can never really tell if this works or not. Maybe it's just a placebo. Who knows! Probably not going to repurchase.

B&BW PocketBac in Apple Lavender - you know I love these. I'll always have them on my person!! End of story.

So that's it for now, but it's certainly not the end of my empties!!  I'll be back for part two.. Part three... Part four... You get the idea! 

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

QVC June 2013 Beauty TSV's

Oops! Just realised that I'd forgotten to post this...

Tuesday 11th June – Judith Williams Skincare

Thursday 13th June – Ultrasun Professional Sun care

Saturday 15th June – In the Salon with Gatineau

Monday 17th June – OPI Professional Nailcare

Thursday 20th June– Perricone MD Skincare

Monday 24th June – Meet the Beauty Experts…

Sunday 30th June– Lulu Time Bomb


Happy Shopping!!


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