Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Happy Endings.

I shared this momentous news with Nic on Saturday, but for the first time in my whole life - I think I am actually reaching the bottom of an eye-shadow/blusher! Now I know this may not be earth shaking news for some, but I have honestly NEVER seen the pan....EVER!  I get bored of things, I give them away or lash them out. I do not, ever get to the bottom of makeup!!

So here are some very proud pics to illustrate my delight.

Here is my Urban Decay Revolver pallet and look, down there in the bottom right you can see the pan on Sin, exciting, no? I use this almost on a daily basis. I find that its my go-to shade for a quick, easy work look. Please excuse the grubbiness, but Polyester Bride seems to get everywhere, which might be why I don't wear it!!

Benefit Dandelion, now this may have only taken me about 2 years (which may or may not be that hygienic!) to get to the bottom of,  but here a very sizeable amount of pan on show. Whoop Whoop!

And finally we have Smashbox Softlights in Dolce Vita.  This was probably helped along by the fact that I dropped it last week and it kind of shattered.  The Boy awoke to a fair amount of effing and blinding that morning.  I use this every day, so I was truly devastated to drop it on our hard wood floor at 6am. Grrr, its still good though, for now.

What are you coming to the end of? And more importantly, will you repurchase??


  1. hehehe i've never reached the bottom of an eyeshadow !!!!!
    i wished i could ! it would mean that i'd have found my favourite - perfect - make up product !!!!!

    i use dandelion too, it's the blush i use the most :)

    thanks for sharing !!


  2. Haha! I'm the same! I'd never seen the bottom of the pan until my beloved Retrospeck eyeshadow ran out recently and last week my MSF ran out, woo hoo!!

  3. Yay! Thank god it wasn't just me!!! You see why the occasion needed to be marked though? ;o)

    What do you think of the MSF's? Worth investing in and how do you use it?



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