Tuesday, 1 June 2010

I hate being ill!

I'm off work today as I'm ill and I very rarely get ill, so I'm not taking it very well. No online shopping as the self imposed spending ban is still in place. Roll on the 9th June!

Just lying in bed with the laptop watching YouTube tutorials and reading people's blogs.  Anyone got any recommendation's for me?

All suggestions gratefully received ;o)


  1. er well, when i'm ill i only watch youtube (tutorials!) and tv so i can't help you much :-/

    xxx !!

    take care of you !!

  2. Thank you Lily. Catching up on the YT tutorials, so I can try out a few new looks when I'm feeling up to it. Might drag myself to the sofa with my duvet and watch a film later on. x

  3. naaah, the best is to lay on the sofa with the laptop on your knees, a mug of tea (or hot chocolate) on the table next to you (so you can reach it easily) and an easy girly movie in tv in background !!!

    that's my "illness scheme" !!!



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