Sunday, 5 September 2010

The Scent of a Woman: Contradiction by Calvin Klein

Hmmmm, can you tell how much I love this perfume?  I literally cannot be without Contradiction by Calvin Klein.  The 3 unopened 100ml bottles of the Eau du Parfum (EDP) were gifts, whilst both 100ml EDP bottles on top of the display are now getting near the end and actually, they were probably gifts too.  I have absolutely no idea why I have 2 bottles on the go at once, I just have!  On the run up to Christmas, The Perfume Shop usually  has 100ml bottles of various Calvin Klein fragrance's on offer for between £20 - £25 a pop, which is a total bargain.  So I think this is where most of these bottles originated from. 

 I just really love this perfume. I think I began wearing this in the late nineties and there was just something so grown up and elegant about the scent. Even the packaging is classy.  Considering how much I wear this perfume, the scent of Contradiction is woven into so many happy memories and it's real emotional bond that links me to a feeling of total happiness and contentment.  For me, its the perfume equivalent of a comfort blanket.

One friend of mine will give you the name of this perfume if asked "what scent do you associate with Leanne?"  It really does just about sum me up - a total contradiction! I wore this on my first date and probably most others that followed, with The Boy. I'm pretty sure he really likes it too. 

However, I'm slightly concerned now as I've just been looking at the Calvin Klein website and they don't mention the Contradiction line at all.  Please do not tell me that you are discontinuing my signature scent Mr Kline, or I shall be most upset! *cue stockpiling* 

The product description from Amazon reads as follows:

Calvin Klein Contradiction Eau de Parfum Spray.

Contradiction is a complex blend of ingredients chosen for their individual clarity and ability to harmonize. We refer to this signature fragrance as a joyful oriental.

The exhilarating freshness gives way to vibrant textural florals wrapped in a sheer blanket of soft warmth and femininity.

She's strong, yet feminine.
She's smart and sexy all at the same time.
In many ways, she's a woman of contradiction. - Calvin Klein

Top Notes: floral notes of rose, peony, jasmine andlily-of-the-valley.
Heart Notes: eucaliptus and classic floral buquet, pearblossom, orchid and syringa.
Base Notes: Oriental, Sandal and Tonka bean.

Coming next: Givenchy Ange Ou Demon


  1. "cue stockpiling" Wait, hold on - that's NOT a stockpile already??! Will have to have a look out for this, sounds lovely and I don't recall smelling it. Am wanting Gucci Guilty right now. Will have to continue wanting as all funds now going on house move!

  2. Arrrrrrggggghhhh see I'm doomed! I just spent ages writing a reply and Blogger ate it!!!!!

    It went something like this...
    If that measly stock (3 full bottles and 2 almost empty bottles) is all that I am going to have for the rest of my life, then yes, I NEED to stockpile!!!! Cannot imagine not being able to wear this. Go and have a sniff next time you are in Boots and let me know what you think. I'd be interested to hear. Course, not everyone likes the same.

    I haven't smelt Guilty. Is it in the shops already? I've see the adverts but not in the flesh. Good luck with the house fund btw.

  3. I do like the packaging a scary amount!!!! Im thinking I need to smell it!!

  4. I love the packaging too Tali (ps, I love your blog!). I think its really unusual. It actually feels quite a weighty and not at all cheap. Let me know what you think of it once you've had chance for a sniff ;o)



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