Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Feeling HOT HOT HOT! The Body Shop new DeoDry Roll on deodorant

Whilst mooching around town on Sunday, Nic noticed these new DeoDry deodorant's from The Body Shop.

They are currently priced at £2.50 (usual rrp £4.00) and they contain no aluminium salts, so its kind to your skin.

The other great thing is that these deodorant's are kind to the environment too.  Refills are available for £2.00 and are recyclable. What a total bargain!

The scents are Clean and Breezy, which is the one I went for (pictured here).  Nic decided to try the Cool and Zesty and they also have a Fresh and Floral scent. They are all pretty nice to be honest.

Given our good fortune with the great weather in the UK at the moment, I am road testing mine this week at work, and believe me, I was sweating buckets this afternoon listening to my country squeeze through to the final 16 of the World Cup! So it had a fairly decent workout.  

 Initial impressions are that it dries quickly and smells fairly nice. Although I'll reserve final judgement until I have seriously put it to the test for a bit longer than 3 days. Although, I'm feeling HOT HOT HOT in the office at the moment! ;o)

PS The Body Shop have a sale on at the mo. Check it out online here or in your local store!

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