Monday, 24 October 2011

J'adore Chanel

Quick show and tell from me.  I'm sure that everyone has seen these gorgeous Chanel Illusion D'Ombre eye shadow's and now I have one too! * Squeal* 

I finally succumbed and opted for the beautifully chic and wearable Illusoire (thank you Boots Advantage points!), however Mirifique is next on the hit list.  Is anyone else besotted with these?

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Nails Inc TSV - Monday 17th October

Monday 17th October is your chance to tune in to QVC and pick up the latest TSV (or Today's Special Value for the uninitiated) from Nails Inc.  And what a TSV it is!  Following the latest craze in Magnetic Manicures, Nails Inc are offering a set of all 3 Magnetic nail varnish and Kensington Caviar top coat.

Apologies that I have no idea of the price.  But watch this sneaky YouTube video for a glimpse of what is to come from the British nail brand.

Are you tempted??

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Speedy Saturday Shopping

I met up with Nic yesterday for a quick catch up.  Needless to say after lunch, coffee and cake were consumed, we had a mooch around the shops and I came back with a few bits.  I even made it home just in time for Strictly Come Dancing 2011. Phew!
  •  Goody Spin Pins
  • L'Oreal SuperLiner for brown/hazel eyes
  • Diesel Loverdose EDP (there is a story to this.... isn't there always!)

  •  bareMinerals Naturally Luminous Daily Duo

  •  NYC 16h Lip Stains in Persistent Pink (top) and Berry Long Time (bottom)
  • Revlon CustomEyes Shadow/Liner palette Rich Temptations.  You may have noticed that the Parental Units brought me one of these back from the States last week and I was adamant that we didn't have them in the UK.  Low and behold, I spotted them in Superdrug yesterday! So I have added another colour combination to my collection... naughty me.
Did anyone else go shopping yesterday?  What goodies did you purchase?

QVC October Beauty TSV's

Saturday 1st October - Leighton Denny Expert Nails
Tuesday 4th October - Beauty Tools and Accessories
Monday 10th  October - Beauty Tools and Accessories
Saturday 15th October - Liz Earle Naturally Active Skincare
Monday 17th October - Nails Inc
Sunday 23rd October  - L'Occitane Beauty Gifts
Tuesday 25th October - Lulu's Time Bomb
Sunday 30th October - Ojon

Happy Shopping!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Pressies from the Parental Units

When the Parental Units returned from their holiday in the North East coast of America, they brought me a few little make up treats.  How nice of them! I'd asked them to keep a look out for the Wet n Wild eye shadow trio's.  After a game of text tennis, we established that I wanted the Walking on Eggshells and Silent Treatment trio's - if they could find them.  After much searching they managed to find them in Target.

 Parental Unit #1 (The Mothership) also thought I might like Knock on Wood trio and a Revlon CustomEyes (Naturally Glamorous shadow/liner set plus mascara) kit too.  You were so right Mum!  The Revlon eye shadows were so cute. They looked like they had been knitted.  I've heard good things about the CustomEyes mascara too, so I am excited to give that a try.

Thank you Parental Units.  I'll enjoy playing around with those!

Any other recommendations for make up from the other side of the pond? It's nine weeks and counting until my holiday.  Need to get my shopping list sorted....


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