Sunday, 1 January 2012

Resolutely Resolving

For 2012 my resolutions are a list of thing to DO rather things to fail at NOT DOING, I'm working on the theory that it's much easier to do something than to undo it once you've gone and done it anyway!

1) Blog.
2) Read lots, I have set myself a challenge of 100 books in 2012 on
3) Save lots, I want to be debt free by 2013
4) My only DON'T - I will not ever, never, diet again. I will...
5) Keep listening to my slimpod
6) Be a little braver.

and last but by far the most important, I'm going to grow my hair and wear it big....big, big, big!

Image nicked from TheCleanBeautyBlog

Happy New Year Lovely People!

What do you resolutely resolve?


  1. Happy new year! My resolution is to keep on using up stuff and to save as well! x

  2. Oh Nic, big hair will be amazing on you!! haha. I'm going to have to think of some resolutions now. I am doing a 2012/365 on Instagram - but I can't make it link up to my Twitter. Might see if I can add it onto the Blog... Or ask very nicely if The Boy will help me. x

    Happy New Year TBBB. hope 2012 is a fabulous one for you! x

  3. TBBB, Happy New Year! I'm using up what I have too, no buying for me until I have a 'need' thats the idea anyway.

    Lea I had instagram but didn't really understand it, I'll have another look. Well 2012 is the year I stop fighting with my hair, lets just give it what it wants!



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