Monday, 2 January 2012

Make Up Products that never get to play out.

There are some products that I just don't use, I own them, I like them but when it comes to my daily make-up routine they're either just too time consuming to bother with, an accident waiting to happen, or they just get routinely overlooked. Here are my regular stragglers.

Eyeliner; Now, I adore eye liner but I just don't have time for it on a daily basis. Maybe I'm just too neurotic about making my eyes match that I ruin it for myself ? I just don't have the patience to reach for it daily. A winged eye is my “look I made an effort' staple though.

Contour; Do me a favour! Nobody is fooled, my cheekbones have been absent for some time and the right shade is impossible to find.

Bronzer; On my albino skin? No.

Concealer/Corrector; I'm lucky that I don't often suffer from spots but when I do, I don't care! I just leave them alone, if foundation isn't enough to cover them then the world will just have to deal with it. Occasionally something may find it's way under my eyes but then it will inevitably crease so I often don't bother.

False lashes; No, I'm far too afraid of an awful Silence of the Lambs travelling lashes moment (I'll spare you a picture but if you get the reference * high five * )

Brow powder/pencil; This is one of those products I'd like to get the hang of however I feel I have two black slugs molesting my brow whenever I brave an attempt, so I've turned to tinting, taming and allowing them to stand proudly alone.

Lip liner: I have a prominent cupids bow and always feel too 'done' or reminiscent of a bad panto drag act, so I give that a miss! Unless it's Boot's No:7 in Nude

Products I always, always reach for include, foundation, mascara, eye shadow, blusher, highlighter and lipstick or balm. I'm in way over my head trying any harder than that, I'd love to perfect using each of those products but alas I am too afraid that I'll step over that dreaded line that lies between polished and Jodie Marsh *shudder*

Are any of my vetoed or neglected products your absolute must haves? What parts of your make up collection do you neglect to love as much as you should?

Disclaimer – this is a tongue in cheek rant which is more about my shortcomings and inability to make certain products work for me, if you use and love these products maybe you can point me in the right direction!


  1. I rarely, if ever use a lip liner and I skip eyeliner quite often depending on how much time I have! I also rarely bother with lip balms as I am convinced they all make my lips dryer!

  2. Oh wow I couldn't leave the house without eyeliner or filling in my brows, they're probably the most important steps for me, haha!
    But totally agree with you on contouring and bronzing :)

  3. Haha! Nic, you make me laugh! As you know, contouring my chubster face is a no go for me. Too scared for bronzer, although I do actually own a few. It's just gearing myself up to use them x



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