Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Accidental Shopping

Today was one of those days. My first day back at work after the Christmas break  - fun!  On the way home I popped my head into Boots looking for something else.  As is often the case  for this time of year, I found myself at the sale section.   Merely to see what had been left once the vultures (myself included) had picked over the highly prized sale carrion and my eyes fell to this.  YSL Belle D'Opium.  Debenhams describes the scent as: 

The new addiction by Yves Saint Laurent. A woman full of ambivalence, elusive and obsessive, powerful and troubling, ingenue but dangerous. Her perfume, a disconcertingly bewitching new oriental.  

Sounds like me and my mood today!

An overdose of rare and precious ingredients: the narcotic scent of Casablanca Lily blends with spicy swirling Incense and mysterious overtones of a Nargileh accord. Her bottle, tinted with electric blue, is crossed by a flamboyant red wick, defining the line that unites it with her skin.

I've smelt this a few times and decided it had to be bought, so in the basket it went.

I then happened upon the Chanel counter.  I have to admit, I'm quite taken with Chanel at the moment.  I picked up a Rouge Coco Shine in Boy and was able to foot the bill with my Boots Advantage Card points. Yipppeeee! I've wanted this for ages.  Boy is the perfect choice for me. Pretty, neutral everyday MLBB shade.  Plus, it kind of reminds me of The Boy (awww smushy).  I've a feeling this will be getting a lot of love from me.

Right, time for me to be reunited with my beloved PJ's.  This working for a living really gets in the way of PJ time!


  1. I did some accidental shopping yesterday - two L'Oreal lipsticks on offer £14, on boots points - because on NYE I realised I don't have good lipstick and the red I thought I had was dried and brown... I will be a lady one day!

  2. Oooh Chanel Dragon. Super gorgeous, Ames! x

  3. Wow, thats some nice accidental shopping! I have been saving my Boots points for a bit of a splurge next time I am in the Trafford Centre thinking I might hit the Shiseido stand!

  4. I love Belle d'Opium!
    The lipstick is just amazing!

  5. Debbie, that's the end of my points now! I got Elie Saab and Givenchy Very Irresistible Intense from them too!! You're lucky having access to Shisedio. I need to find a NARS counter, probably have to go to Manchester for it. Maybe we can meet up at the Trafford Centre for a Starbucks and shopping?? x

    @Drama and Makeup - they are both lovely additions to my collection. Wore lippie today. Gorgeous! Must buy more.... x



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