Sunday, 1 May 2011

NOTD: Sally Hansen HD Nail Colour - Laser

What a total nightmare this is to photograph but boy do I love it!  This was a little NYC purchase last June and it still captures my imagination almost 12 months on.  

It's a blue polish that has a distinctly purple sheen to it, but it is virtually impossible to catch on camera.  You can see the myriad of colours bouncing off the flash,  although this polish is almost certainly better in real life. 

Laser translates onto the nail like a blue liquid metal, not dissimilar to a Minx manicure.  It does take about 4 coats to make it almost opaque.  Even then in some lights, it was still possible to see the nail tip.  The top picture will give you some indication of the amount of polish used, baring in mind that I have worn this a mere 3 times.  

I adore this polish and only wish we had Sally Hansen nail varnish in the UK, not just the treatments/topcoats!



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