Monday, 30 May 2011

NOTD: Nails Inc Denim

It really annoys me that I paint my nails and then forget to take a picture straight away.  I'm usually at work or maybe even sat in the bath and it occurs to me that I've missed the golden opportunity to photograph my nails when they look perfect - well, as perfect as I can ever get them!!!  Meet Nails Inc Denim from the Nails Inc/Diet Coke collaboration. 

As you will be able to tell, these pictures have been taken after two, maybe three day's of wear.  And I think they are still looking pretty good.  This is a lovely opaque blue creme that translates a lot lighter on camera.  In some lights it looked almost teal to me, but these pictures show a bright, vibrant blue.  I loved wearing this colour. So pretty.  I think I'll have to go and choose a nice bright colour for work this week.  Who knows what I'll pick!

(Actually, I'm doing a bit of nail varnish shopping on eBay as I type. Never fear, I will report back on my purchases)


  1. I really like that one! Your nails are such a great shape! xx

  2. This is a really nice colour. I never managed to pick up any of the Coke Nail Inc's but I love the look of them all xx

  3. Thanks Jeanie! I filed them all down last week. I really want to go for a manicure to get them all the same shape. I make a balls of of it most of the time. x

    Zoe, they'll certainly have more of these collaborations. I think they've been really popular in the past. Keep a look out! x

  4. I love this colour, it's the only one I "bought" this time! When I last wore it my friend squealed as she declared this was the exact colour of the front door she wants on her dream house!! x

  5. LOL Awww bless her! It is such a lovely colour Hannah. Glad you like it too! x



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