Monday, 30 May 2011

May Empties

Its been another speedy month and we are already just a day away from June. Seriously, I have no idea where this year has gone!  On another happy note, I've gone through a fairly decent amount of products this month. So we have:
  • Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash - this smells weird to me and you know I'm all about the scent.  And this will also probably sound a little strange, but I think it reminds me of Heinz Salad Cream - go figure!?!
  • Alpha H Micro Cleanse - Love this stuff! A gorgeous minty facial scrub that leaves your skin invigorated and super smooth. Will certainly be re-purchasing.
  • Leighton Denny Essential Remover - Possibly the most effective and nicest smelling nail varnish remover. One of those workhorse products that is simply a pleasure to use. Will re-buy the full size.
  • The Body Shop Earth Lovers 'Watermelon and Eucalyptus' shower gel - nice but not my favourite scent from the range.  I picked this one for The Boy, so I didn't expect to love it.  Still, it was a really nice shower gel.
  • The Sanctuary Warming Microbrasion Polish - I wanted to have a rest from the No7 Microdermabrasion scrub that I love, so I decided to try this instead.  It's nice enough. Not gritty enough for my liking although it is more like a self heating clay mask.  So if you want a multi tasking product, this could be for you.  The scent is nice too, just a very feint hit of rose.  Nice, but not for me.
  • Calvin Klein Obsession body wash - I NEVER use these perfumed shower gel/body lotions that come in perfume sets. But I am making a conscious effort to do so from now on.  I love Obsession.  I realise this is not everyones cup of tea (or coffee in my case) but I find it to be a very sexy scent.  I wouldn't buy it as a stand alone product.  However, if it came with the perfume I'd certainly use it.  See, can you see my new leaf that I just turned over.... hehe.
  • Soap and Glory Scrub Em and Leave Em - Nah, not for me.  Didn't rate the scrub or the scent. There are plenty of other scrubs that I prefer.
  • Lush Snow Fairy shower gel - apologies that you cannot see the bottle properly, it decided to roll over as I took the picture.  I love the smell of this. My Lil Bro got me the set for Christmas. This is one seasonal product that I wish they would make all year round. Such a sweet treat. Hurry up Christmas!!!
  • Haus of Gloi Vice Bubbling Scrub - I really like the HoG products I have tried so far and this was no exception. Sweet, spicy and quite scrubby. A winner for me.

  • Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream  - oh god, I seriously wanted to hate this, given it's £75 price point.  I was certain that it would disagree with my picky skin.  But it loved it - dammit! I will  not buy this again, unless it is part of a TSV, as this pot was. I just cant afford to maintain the cost. However I did love every single second of its use and as you  can see, I wiped the jar clean.  There may have been tears before bedtime on the night this ran out. The Boy looked on in bemusement, until I told him the cost, at which point I was promptly told to go to sleep and stop thinking about it! Charming!
What have you been using up this month?


  1. If you miss snow fairy the same scent is in the godmother soap. Rachelle Xxx

  2. I get this strange satisfaction whenever a product is finished. I think it's because I am looking forward to replacing it with something else, without feeling too guilty! Lol!

  3. I didn't get on with the Pro Collagen, it made me really spotty to the point where I couldn't carry on and get through that phase. I'll maybe try the Leighton Denny remover, I always wonder if the cheaper stuff is bad for your skin! x

  4. Oooh thanks Rachelle. I'm a bit weird about using soap though. But maybe I'll give it a shot. Thanks lovely x

    My thoughts exactly thehouseofy! I'm already looking forward to replacing the empties LOL! x

    To be honest Hannah, I thought the exact same thing. But my skin really liked it. I think there is a ring of truth about the cheaper removers. If you are changing your polish frequently, and we both know that WE are. Maybe it;s time to invest on something a little nicer for our nails/skin. Think I saw a large size in JL for £5.30 - not too horrendous x

  5. wow you have got through a lot, i think ive used up 2 things this month. I need to stop chopping and changing things lol xx

  6. @nicoletta — my thoughts exactly! I switch my products up way too much, and then I end up running out of everything in the span of a month. I really should plan better!

    Leanne — I had the same experience with the Philosophy wash. The smell was a bit gross to me, and removed any enjoyment I may have gotten from the product.

  7. Great post! I like seeing what products you used up! I just finished a tube of NAS lipstick!

  8. I'm convinced that the peeps at Philosophy have no sense of smell! Either something wiffs really bad or doesn't smell at all - what's up with that?



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