Sunday, 15 May 2011

Obsessive Cosmetics Disorder 1st Birthday Giveaway Winners

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone that took part. So I wont mess around, I'll get straight to the winners....

My very capable assistant known as  helped me out and chose the 6th comment as the grand prize winner.

And the winner is....

So Liloo wins the Urban Decay Sustainable palette and her choice of the Accessorize kits, which was the Crazy kit. I know that Liloo is going to create some amazing looks with these goodies. She is super talented and creative, You should certainly check out her blog if you haven't seen it already.

 Well done Liloo!

For the final winner chose the 3rd comment.
And so the second winner is

Debbie wins the remaining Accessorize set, which was the Classic kit.  Debbie is a professional photographer and Beauty Blogger on the side.  I cannot wait to see some of the beautiful looks she is going to create with her prize.

Well done Debbie!

Ladies, I'll be emailing you shortly for your details.

Once again, thank you for all your kind words and constant support. 


  1. omg, get in :) :) thank you so much. yay xxx

  2. EEek! that just made my Sunday!! Huge congrats Liloo too and thanks Leanne! xx

  3. Congrats ladies I expect to see some posts/swatches about your winnings!



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