Tuesday, 3 May 2011

GlossyBox.co.uk - Are you on board?

Have you heard about GlossyBox.co.uk on the grapevine? I have and I'm all signed up.

Twitter was on fire with talk of this new beauty subscription service on Sunday evening.  For a meagre £10 per month (free P&P) you will receive 5 luxury beauty product miniatures to try out at home.  You can watch a video about the service here.

You might have heard about a similar service in the States, known as Birchbox.  You'll only need to search on YouTube and a plethora of videos will appear before your very eyes.  I think it's a great concept and I'm excitedly looking forward to receiving my first GlossyBox!

There were further excited 'tweets' relating to the nature of the goodies in the first box.  So @GlossyBoxUK waded in and tweeted this cryptic message about their first box ' It's a surprise! But a clue we've been giving out is - one brand begins with 'N' and their main product begins with an 'O''  Hmmmmmm let me think.... *squeal

Have you registered for a GlossyBox?  I cannot wait for mine.


  1. I am absolutely rubbish with clues lol hahaha, absolutely hopeless but this service sounds fun x

  2. Yay, Nic and I can sit and watch and wait to see what you get! Was hoping to come up with a really dull N brand with an O product to annoy you but am failing miserably! Keep us posted x

  3. If only I was in the UK! :( haha

  4. Well hopefully you won't be disappointed if they send Neal's Yard Organic something or other! lol

  5. It's a full size Nars Orgasm illuminator



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