Tuesday, 17 May 2011

NOTD: Nails Inc Augustus Street

Nic kindly gave me Augustus Street in a recent clear out. I loved it in the bottle, then I put it on my nails.  And I hated it!  It was a matte/suede finish and I'm not so much of a fan of those.  I just think matte nail varnish looks like you have tipex'd you nails and then coloured them in. Not nice, well for me anyway.   Good news is that you can throw a bit of topcoat over it and it's back to normal.  So clearly, I love it again. 

In some lights it's grey, some it's a taupe/brown and in other's its the perfect greige colour.

Augustus Street with flash

Augustus Street in natural light

What do you think?


  1. Looks pretty! It reminds me of All Hail McQueen by Butter London - very similar. I hate that when you get a matte nail polish - I was into that trend for about 2 minutes, but I'm so over it now! I bought a matte nails inc polish and it didn't say it was matte on the bottle. As you say, just a bit of top coat sorts it out, but it's a bit annoying! xx

  2. I really like it. Very unusual colour for Nails Inc. Your nails are a lovely shape too x

  3. Ooooh TBBB, I haven't got that one, so I'm glad you said that! I know what you mean about the matte polish, I even bought Essie's Matte about You - What was I thinking!!?!? x

    Thank you Zoe. I really need a proper manicure so I can get them shaped nicely. I'm a big fan of unusual colours ;o) x

  4. That's quite versatile isn't it! I'm impressed with shape of your nails too Miss D! love you!

  5. Yep, your nails are gorgeous! I like that its sort of speckled without being glittery, although think Nails Inc polishes are the work of the devil - only ever get them as freebies with coke or mags as the ones I have paid full whack for have been of dubious quality!



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