Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Time for a Diet Coke break! Anyone got a Vodka to go with that??

As with every part of my life, there is a story. I've always been the kind of person that people say "that could only happen to you" I can't help it. That's just me! I am who I am.

Last Friday I ran into town at lunchtime to complete 2 missions. 1 - Collect new Radley bag from the Radley shop (Thanks Parental Units for Christmas money x) 2 - Run into Boots and see if any/all of the Nails Inc/Diet Coke varnishes were around.  Sounds simple enough?! You don't know me and my luck.

  Radley was a DISASTER!  The bag they had on hold for me was damaged, no others in stock.  And the crazy SA thought I was still going to buy it - think again love! When she could feel the thrill of the sale heading for the door she tried to up sell to one 3 times the price - I've got to give it to you lady. That was quick thinking! But no, not for me. Thus I departed, miffed to say the least.

I stomped round to Boots muttering expletives under my breath.  Upon arrival, I realised that a little old lady had just fallen down the escalators (poor thing!).  Luckily she had people seeing to her and providing medical assistance, so I pottered off in search of my prize.  At this point I'll introduce Heather Grey (pictured above)

And here is Denim.  Now, you can tell from the get-go, these aren't in my usual realm of desirable colours.  But who am I to look a little free gift horse in the mouth. Not I, I tell you. After the trauma of Radley, it numbed the pain...well, slightly.  And i'll certainly use them once my self imposed nail varnish ban is lifted and normal service is resumed.  But that's another set of rambling.

You thought this story was over - think again!  So, I go to the till and try and pay for my items with quite possibly the rudest SA ever.  She was annoyed that I'd disturbed her conversation and couldn't perform a simple request (can I pay for the meal deal in a separate transaction please? Its for a work colleague.  No, ok then, just ignore me so you can get rid of me as soon as poss and resume your chat!!).  In the process of paying I realised that I had LOST MY ADVANTAGE CARD!!!!!!!  *cue frantic scrambling around purse and handbag - both Radley, natch*  Rude SA kept asking for my Advantage card, even though she could quite clearly see that I didn't have it.  Not that I was worried about missing out on a few points - that didn't worry me in the slightest. It was the £57.00 on the card that I was flapping over!

Now, late for work I ran back to the office to search my handbag and purse yet again.  There was nothing else but to call Boots and ask for a new card.  While the little automated women talked me through the process, I held my breath when she said "the current balance of...... 5730 points will be transferred to your new card" - Thank god for that! It means that if someone did find it, they didn't spend all the points. Something going right for a change!

Anyway, here are Heather Grey (which isn't grey at all!!!!) and Denim again for your perusal.  What colours did you get from this promotion and what lengths did you go to get them?  I hope your shopping trip was less stressful than mine. Now where is that vodka....


  1. The trauma!
    Sorry to hear about the bag - are you getting another one ordered in?

    I think you definitely deserve a vodka. Maybe two?

  2. I know. Told you there was a bloody story!! lol
    Actually, I just got home from work and my new bag (ordered from Debenhams after the Radley nightmare)was here and it's like Mary Poppins - "practically perfect in every way" :o)

    Got loads of Diet Coke to mix with my vodka. Good job alcohol is allowed on WeightWatchers.

  3. Bloody hell what a nightmare, its so hard to remember you are a grown up and not throw a full blown strop when something like the Radley thing happens. I am so pleased to hear that your ordered one arrived pronto, will there be photos soon?? Fingers crossed all Debenhams orders arrive as promptly - UD Naked palette winging my way, thanks to you!

  4. It was super quick! I ordered late on Friday night and it was here on Wednesday. Do you want to see photos? Wont be very exciting though.

    I'm so pleased that you managed to get your mitts on a Naked palette. As soon as I saw that on Twitter/Facebook I thought of you. Will be really good for everyday, but also for travel. God, I hope you love it now after all that!!

    Confession, I've been MENTAL at work this week - cant even remember what lunch is, let alone lunch-time. So needless to say your package is here. Will got to the good old Post Office tomorrow even if it kills me. X

  5. I got all 4! Had to go to 2 different boots though!

  6. I've never heard of this nail polish line before. I am loving the colors! I think ill buy one and try it out. Thanks for the tip! :)



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