Saturday, 12 March 2011

Benefit - Bella Bamba

I found a lonesome gift voucher from Christmas that escaped the OCD perfume buying frenzy. So I decided that I needed a new product and Bella Bamba caught my eye.  I mean, look at the packaging. How could you ignore this?!?

Benefit says "Amplify cheekbones and create the illusion of sculpted features with this 3D watermelon blush. Laced with shimmering gold undertones, Bella Bamba is taking eye popping pretty to the third'll never use traditional blush again!"

This is a really flattering pink shade with some shimmer (not glitter!).  It really adds something to my skin-tone. I have to say, I really like it. I'm not sure about the 3D effect though, but it certainly makes me look refreshed and awake! That's got to be good, right?

I then started thinking about Benefit 'Coralista' which I love. As you can see, Benefit have changed their packaging for their latest release. I know there are some people who don't like the traditional 'box' packaging of Benefit blushers, but it has never been a problem for me.  Bella Bamba has a flip top lid and the inclusion of a mirror. Useful if you are taking it out and about with you.

  The picture below is deceptive and makes both products seem to be kind of similar tones, when quite clearly they aren't.  So I began swatching.  It began by looking at Bella Bamba and Coralista together.  Then I discovered 2 other products from other ranges that are not totally dissimilar to the pink and coral shades of the Benefit products.

So now, we have this..

 Bare Escentuals blush 'Irresistible' , Benefit 'Bella Bamba', Benefit 'Coralista' and Max Factor eye-shadow 'Coral Jungle' - In packaging with flash.

Swatches - Bare Escentuals blush 'Irresistible' , Benefit 'Bella Bamba', Benefit 'Coralista' and Max Factor eye-shadow 'Coral Jungle' - Natural light

Swatches - Bare Escentuals 'Irresistible' , Benefit 'Bella Bamba', Benefit 'Coralista' and Max Factor eye-shadow 'Coral Jungle' - With flash.

I have no idea why I started playing about like that, I just thought it might be useful to someone. Or maybe I just enjoyed doing it.  Who knows!  All the products shown above provide a nice bloom to the skin.  They all have a certain sheen and slight shimmer, but no glitter.  Bella Bamba looks slightly  glittery in the pan, but this does not translate onto the skin. Either way, I'm hooked. I love Bella Bamba.

 I have to say that the Max Factor eye-shadow in Coral Jungle makes a gorgeous blusher. I know that might sound a bit weird to some people, but it does. I have had it for ages and never really thought it would work on my eyes, until I saw the Chanel Spring 2011 promo images. The model is wearing a gorgeous peachy/grey smoky eye, which is just beautiful. I think I might have a try at that one. And if it doesn't work, I will continue to use it as a blusher.

Do you have any products that you use in a non-conventional way? Or do you always play by the rules?


  1. That was really interesting thanks!

  2. I use a few of my blushes for eyeshadows - they save space when travelling :)
    really useful post!! x

  3. Ooh nice! I had a fab pink eye shadow once, back in the day, that made me look like I had an eye infection but was the most fantastic blusher! I love comparison type posts, they are always fascinating!xx



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