Monday, 27 December 2010

Boxing Day Bargains

I'm not going to lie. I hate sale shopping. Overcrowded shops, worn out/pissed off staff and shoppers who think that sales shopping is a contact sport. No thank you!  However, the one exception I make is for perfume, usually from Boots.  My lovely Aunties and MIL/FIL provide me with a small stock of Boots vouchers in lieu of presents and I will usually brave the sales to stock myself up with perfume for the year.  It's something I've been doing for a number of years, so I'm becoming quite adept.

This year was much the same.  I opened gift-cards on Christmas Day with worried glances "I hope that's ok? It is what you wanted, isn't it?" YES! It's exactly what I wanted!!  So yesterday, The Boy played a blinder and offered to go with me to Mecca, I mean Boots.  God love him, he was regretting it from the moment we set out.  With all the snow we've had, he probably would have just wanted to stay in and play on his xbox. And yet, he still offered to come with me, out of a sense of complete devotion or stupidity. We couldn't decide which. Perhaps both!

I decided that I was going to aim for perfumes that I don't currently own. Although I did make one exception. And this is what I came home with.

Giorgio Armani - Armani Code

Jean Paul Gaultier - Femme Classique

Givenchy - Play

Dolce & Gabbana  - The One

Calvin Klein - Euphoria

My exception to the rule was Euphoria. I love this perfume.  I was given a bottle by a friend who didn't like it. It was love at first sniff for me.  I also have very fond memories of my birthday trip to New York, as this was the scent I took with me.  Plus, the 50ml bottle of EDP and body lotion at Boots was a steal at £21.50! What is not to like. 

Femme Classique I've had before and I thought it was about time I revisited.  Armani Code and The One are both entirely new to me.  I've given each a thorough sniff, but never actually got round to purchasing.  This has now been rectified.  Play is a bit of a funny one.  I actually wanted the Play Intense (which is the little purple bottle on the right hand side of the gift set) but I only found this full price at the stores I checked.  If anyone see's this on offer, can you please let me know? I NEED that for my collection!  Anyway, Play is a nice scent in it's own right, so I've decided to give this one a whirl too.

I did get some other perfume sets for Christmas from the Parental Units (Givenchy - Ange Ou Demon), my Bro (Paco Rabanne - Black XS) and my cousin (Hugo Boss - Orange).  So I think I'm all set for a beautifully scented New Year.  

Has anyone else braved the sales or has any perfume to recommend? You know me, I'm all ears!


  1. You are brave going out to the sales! I can never face it. It looks like it was well worth it though :) x

  2. Or stupid! That was really the only place I went to. Can't be bothered with anything else. Have you had any online sale bargain's Jane? x

  3. WOw, that's a lot of perfumes =D

  4. I must confess to spending rather an obscene amount in Mecca today... but for others so I cannot reveal what fragrances I purchased - suffice to say that they aren't the same as Miss L bought (Phew).

    On the subject of these scents - I have 'The One' and I love it rather too much which means I don't wear it often...

  5. Gaby, you should see the rest of my collection ;o)

    Ames, I'm really liking 'The One' I even got Nic onto D%G's new scent 'Rose The One'. She loves anything with a rose scent - classy lady!



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