Friday, 11 March 2011

Friday Quickie 2: Avon Sale!

I'm blaming my first Friday Quickie post on this.  But when I went to check the price of the Rose Ribbons lipstick, I noticed that Avon has a sale on.   The SuperShock liners (which I love!) in Khaki, Plumful and Steel are a mere £2 each! I only have the black, so I am excited to try out these colours.  And the SuperShock mascara (which I also love!) a meagre £2.75 - Bargain!  Plus there are lots of other offers on, so check them out.

I've just put in an order for a few bits and pieces. Also might be worth mentioning that if you spend £20 or more, you can use the code KWG for free delivery. Now I really am going back to the cleaning!

Happy Shopping

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