Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The Weight of the (Cosmetic) World on your Shoulders

I found an abandoned Radley lurking about the house last week.  One I hadn't used since I got my Dora just after Christmas.  I was about to put it back in the little pink dustbag, when I thought - this feels a bit heavy?! Upon further inspection, the contents of my bag can be found here. This is quite clearly an extreme case. I usually end up orphaning a lip gloss or two during the great handbag change, but nothing usually to this extent. On the plus side, I've found lots of MIA make up and it's now returned to proper circulation. 

My Mother is always telling me that my handbag is too heavy and that I am going to damage my neck and back.  And right now, I agree with her.  Why I was carrying all this stuff round with me was quite beyond me!

Firstly, you know I'm obsessed with lip gloss, lip balms, lip stains.... and now lipsticks. But why oh why did I have 10 different lip products with me?? 1 lip balm, 4 lip stains, 2 lipsticks, 2 lip glosses and a lip tar. Any ideas? No, I'm flummoxed too!  In fairness, the 3 unopened Cover Girl lip stains (extreme right of the picture) came from my friend who had been home to Texas, So I can discount them...can't I?

Then came the Bare Escentuals foundation and the Well Rested eye shadow along with a BE Flawless Face and Concealer brush.

My finale was a Max Factor Miracle Touch cream blush and a Sleek Rose Gold powder blusher. Basically, I could have applied a full make-up (minus mascara) from what was left unloved and untouched in my handbag.

This is indeed a shameful tale. Please tell me that someone else does this, or I'm going to feel really bad!!


  1. Wow I am impressed - I dont have enough make up to lose that much and not notice! I did once have a stand up row with a man about the amount of crap women carry in their bags, I refuted this and said everything in my bag was essential so he insisted I emptied my bag. And right on the top wasn an apple core! ... some you win, some, not so much! btw, whats the pink gloss next to the Revlon in the lippy pic - it looks lovely?! x

  2. It is (sort of!) essential! LOL just not that much!!! The pink lip gloss is Bare Escentuals Strawberry Shortcake. Have a look at the Beachy Funday post, there are lip swatches there for your perusal Mrs Debbie x

  3. Aww I wouldn't feel bad, it's exciting to find MIA beauty stuff. I know for a fact that James takes my lip balms and leaves them god knows where so I never have any chance of finding/seeing them ever again.

    What do you think of that Body Shop lip butter? I'm posting about it next week, not sure if I like it or not.

  4. That particular one? I'm undecided about. I love the nut butter one, but the Cherry, not so much. I think that I have better lip balms/butters in my collection.

    Seriously though, I didn't need to haul that all around with me. On this occasion, my Mother happens to be right! LOL x

  5. I do this so often! I found 3 of my favourite NARS velvet matte lip pencils in one of my abandoned bags the other day, I was pretty overcome with emotion though so it's quite nice to lose them sometimes!

  6. Oooh that was a good find! I haven't tried any NARS. I take it that you are a big fan?! ;oD Any stand out products besides the lip pencils??



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