Friday, 25 March 2011

Ding Dong - Avon Calling!

I've regressed to my childhood, pouring over the Avon catalogue. Only nowadays the iconic catalogue can be viewed online. Oh how the times have changed....

I posted that Avon had some fabulous offers in the clearance section.  And here is what I got.  Firstly, I picked up 2 of the SuperShock mascara's, I didnt bother opening these. Everyone has seen them before. They are in limited edition packaging, but I don't care about that either.  I like the mascara and it was a mere £2.75.  They had to be mine.

Next to tumble into my basket was the Smooth Minerals lipstick  and I chose the colours Crystal Coral (top) and Apricot Glow (below).  They both appear much more vibrant than the swatches suggest.  However, I'm yet to try them so I cannot report if they a true representation or not.  These have been reduced from £8 to a purse loving £3.

Avon Smooth Minerals lipstick in Crystal Coral

Avon Smooth Minerals lipstick in Apricot Glow

I love the SuperShock gel liners shown here in Steel, Khaki and Plumful that are an amazing £2 at the moment! So I grabbed them all. Can you blame me?

(l-r) Steel, Khaki and Plumful - natural light

(l-r) Steel, Khaki and Plumful - flash
The last item is an eyeshadow quad that was on offer for £2.50 if you spent a tenner.  Obviously, I took advantage of that.  But I will show that little beauty in another post once it has been tried and tested.  Not least in the fact that I deleted the picture somehow and cannot  get it back, no siree! 

 I'm really loving Avon and their products at the moment. Any fab products that you think I should road test?


  1. Nice haul, the gel liners look fab - would love to see them on the eye??! x

  2. I also have Crystal Coral and Apricot Glow but I don't give them enough love )=

    I'm interested in SuperShock mascara but I'm not a rep anymore and I have too much mascaras to use up first x

  3. Bargain Central! I keep meaning to buy some bits from Avon - I rate their facial scrubs! xx

  4. Wow! What a bargain :O I often peep over at the avon website, but never take the plunge! xxx

  5. I have got some lovely Avon stuff lately too. I have one of the gel liners and I like it very much, I also really like their Perfect Wear ExtraLasting Lipstick. I picked it up a while ago in a sale but recently rediscovered it, it doesn't dry my lips out and I get a decent wear time from it. Nice satiny finish too.

  6. He he I used to love looking through my mom's Avon catalogues! The US ones always had really good lip balms in loads of flavours especially ones at Halloween and Christmas. I guess that's where my love (addiction) started.

  7. @Debbie - will see what I can do! x

    @Gaby - will post about the SuperShock mascara if you are interested. What do you think of those colours? Do you love them? x

    @TBBB - I haven't tried a scrub from them. Annabella might have though! Might give them a whirl. x

    @Victoria - I think I'll take a look at those lippies. I'm seriously into Lazy Girl Beauty!! LOL x

    @Annabella - that bloody catalogue has a lot to answer for!! I remember those themed goodies too! I wonder if they still do those. Time will tell!! x



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