Sunday, 20 March 2011

I Love

A little parcel of loveliness arrived  last week from I've been wanting to try NYX products, well, forever! And then I spotted that they have begun to stock Crown Brushes on their site.  Naturally, I was interested to give them a whirl too.

First up, NYX Mega Shine lip gloss in African Queen (left) and Candy Shop (right).

NYX Round Lipstick in Femme

NYX Round Lipstick in Thalia

Crown C138 Round Contour brush

 Crown C139 Stiff Tapered Crease brush. I have no idea why this picture insists on being portrait, when quite clearly it should be landscape.  I've been playing about with it for the last 15 minutes and have given up trying to make it obey my will.  Sorry if that annoys you! I know it annoys me. I like uniformity but its driving me round the twist!!!

This Crown brush came without a number/name on the handle. Not sure if that is right or not? I also can't remember what it was called.  Maybe a Pencil brush? You get the general idea from the picture though.

Last one was a Crown C431 Precision Detail brush.

I haven't really had chance to play around with these yet.  I'm still sorting out my sore/dry lip issue.  But once that is under control I may do some lip swatches.  The Crown brushes all seem really soft and at less that £3 a brush, they were a bargain. In fact, I think my whole order was a little over £20. I think that is great! And the delivery was super quick too. 

What is your favourite NYX product and which Crown brush should I try next? Ideas please! 


  1. So tempted to go buy brushes but trying to be good!

  2. Yeah, that went out of the window for me!! LOL

  3. The brushes look lovely - and quite bargainous too! BTW, I have the problem with photos landscaping/portraiting themselves on here - not all of them, just some, and you have to fiddle around for ages to sort them out. I wish Blogger had a rotate photo function once you've actually uploaded them - sigh.

  4. That would be so useful!!! Sadly it isn't a feature they utilise ;o(

  5. I love their Mega Shine lip gloss and their Round Lipstick! Thalia looks pretty x

  6. Hi Sweetie!

    Love your haul! What nail polish are you wearing??? It's stunning! x jeanie

  7. @Gaby - I'm going to be getting more of those Mega Shine glosses. They are fab and really inexpensive. x

    @Jeanie - It's GOSH Holographic and I think its sadly discontinued. I love it though! Some people think its too much, but bring on the bling I say! LOL. Waiting for CG Tronica collection to hit our shores. Obsessed with Holo polish at the mo. Loved the NOTD on your blog x



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