Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Elemis Exotic Spa Ritual

Last night I decided I needed a bit of a pampering session.  A quick rummage through the shelves revealed the necessary ingredients for an Elemis Exotic Spa Ritual.  All of these Elemis products have been acquired from various TSV's, so it was kind of nice to use them all in conjunction with each other. Elemis Exotics are by no means the cheapest products on the market. But for luxury, they are right up there! The packaging is weighty and substantial, whilst still maintaining a sleek appearance.  A must for any bathroom shelf.

Also, this post kind of kills two birds with one stone.  The lovely Annabella (Skin Scrubs) had asked me about the Elemis Exotic Lime and Ginger scrub.  So Annabella, this post is dedicated to you! 

First up, I used the Elemis Exotic Lime and Ginger scrub on dry skin. I do this because I like quite a gritty exfoliation.  This will not be for everyone, particularly those of you with sensitive skin, but it works for me.  I'm not a massive fan of citrus fruits to eat or to smell, but I think the ginger warms up the lime and makes it an entirely more pleasing experience for me.  It certainly is not a 'foodie' kind of smell.  Just very fresh and invigorating.

Elemis says; Invigorating Ginger stimulates the metabolism and tones the body, while Lime Peel works to energise, cleanse and purify the skin. Unrefined Sea Salt is uniquely blended with Kukui, Camellia and Jojoba oils to exfoliate and remineralise skin, helping it regain its natural moisture balance and silky softness.

I did also notice that this scrub didn't appear to be very oily.  Now for me, this is a good thing.  I am a disaster area at the best of times and oil in the bath/shower could be disasteriffic for me.  It appeared to be quite dry, although as I mentioned I used it on dry skin.  Perhaps if it was used on slightly damp skin (as the packaging suggests), you might have slightly more manoeuvrability.  That being said, once I got to work it into the skin, paying particular attention to my problem areas natural oils were released and the scrub moved fairly effortlessly around the body.

Once I had been scrubbed to within an inch of my life, I soaked into a nice hot bath and the grains of sea salt dissipated into the warm water, leaving my skin enriched with the scented oils.  I wallowed there for a while and when I began to resemble a prune I moved onto the next stage.

The Exotic Frangipani Monoi Bath and Shower Cream is quite simply divine! Creamy, luxurious and beautifully scented. I cannot say enough good things about this product.  This is not something I use every day. It's a 'treat' to use it and I cannot get enough of the scent!

Anyway, Elemis says: Enjoy a moment in paradise! Envelop your body with this exotic infusion of Tahitian Monoi Oil fragranced with Frangipani flowers. Perfect for thirsty skin, this deeply hydrating cream wash gently cleanses, leaving your body beautifully soft and delicately fragranced.  Ideal for shaving, this multi-purpose product is a must have in any bathroom. Suitable for sensitive and very dry skin. Free from Sodium Laureth Sulphate and Parabens.

Once this product is combined with water it makes the most beautiful milky bubbles, that do not feel in the least bit harsh on your skin.  There are products out there that leave me feeling itchy/scratchy when I get out of the bath. Not this one.  I could probably go without any form of moisturiser if I had to. But this is a at home spa ritual. Why would I want to do that?!?

And so, when I dragged myself from the bath I headed straight for the Exotic Frangipani Monoi Moisture Melt.  Sadly, I only have a tiny bottle of this, so it is seriously rationed! The oil is solid at room temperature, so I popped  it into a bowl of warm water (with the lid on!) prior to me jumping in the bath.  This ensures that by the time you emerge from your lovely bath, the oil is ready to go.

Elemis says: Intoxicate the senses with an exotic blend of Coconut Coprah Oil and sweet scented Frangipani flowers. This exquisite treatment oil has long-lasting hydration properties to seal in moisture and leave skin silky soft. Can be used as an intensive conditioning treatment for hair and nails.

Sorry there are no pictures of the oil. But all the photo's we taken after the event and I couldn't be bothered to wait for the oil to warm up.  Me - Disaster area - oily hands - camera in bath - AAARRRGGGHHH!!!! You get the idea. There it is, the truth is out there! 

If you think this might be something you'd like to try, I found the Elemis 4 piece Exotic Shower Treats on QVC for £55.50.  Please bear in mind that they are mainly full size products in this kit and the price reflects this.  The only smaller size product is the Lime and Ginger scrub, which is the same size as the one I have (not the big 400ml jar).  Alternatively, Feelunique.com have the Elemis Exotic Spa Secrets kit for £49.50 which offers you the chance to try the Skin Nourishing Milk Bath instead of the scrub.  You can also buy Elemis products on their own website timetospa.co.uk to take advantage of their Spring Sale on purchases before the 31st March.  Actually, I just noticed that the Spa Secrets kit is now £35 on there, so perhaps it's time to allow yourself a bit of indulgent bath/body care. Or treat your Mum to an Elemis kit for Mothers Day. 

Annabella, does that help??


  1. Aww bless you Leanne! Thanks for taking such a good swatch and the inside of the jar. This looks like it would make that lovely crunching sound when you scrape it against your skin.

    I will be purchasing but not until May - James has put me on a spending ban after seeing my collection of shower gels. I don't think he realised how many I had until he helped me take the photo. Ooops!

  2. My pleasure, and yes it does exactly that! I thought you would probably like it ;o) x

  3. Oh the bath and shower cream sounds heavenly! Perhaps if I can't find a L'Occitane thingy in Leeds on Sat I could get this instead for my mothers day pressie!



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