Sunday, 27 March 2011

Soap & Glory Pamper Proof Set

I've had my gorgeous Uni girls visiting this weekend.  I've had such a lovely time with them, catching up and hearing about my friend's engagement proposal! These are indeed exciting times.

As it's been so long since all 5 of us had been together, my lovely newly-engaged friend Una,  bought me a beautifully wrapped belated birthday present.  And when I could resist the gorgeous wrapping no more, this is what I found.  The Soap & Glory Pamper Proof set.

This kit is perfect, as I've been wanting to try out more products from the Soap & Glory range.  The set includes The Daily Smooth body butter,  Clean Girls bodywash, Scrub em and Leave em body scrub and Mist you Madly body mist.  The kit also comes with the most enormous body puff/water lilly.  Now, when we were in NYC, we found a mammoth body puff in CVS.  But sadly we forgot to pack it and it was left at the hotel.  The one's we get in the UK are tiny, so I am glad that I'll get to have this one at home now.

The other great addition to this set is the Hair Turban.  I have to say, I love these! I used to have a few and they have all magically disappeared.  You wrap your wet hair with the turban instead of a towel. I find that my hair dries much faster if I have been using one of those. 

I'm really excited to give these products a go.  I know Annabella over at Skin Scrubs has been enjoying the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush body scrub , anyone else have a favourite Soap & Glory product?


  1. I find that their wipes are excellent for those too-tired-to-remove-maakeup-properly nights! I think they are better than Mac wipes actually.

  2. Oooh thanks. Will have a look at those in Boots tomorrow. I don't use wipes very often, but there are some times that you just want to get to bed!! LOL

  3. I know I am alone in this but I just cant get excited about Soap and Glory products, the pink plastic packaging just really turns me off, even though the things I have tried I have generally liked. So clearly you could package something useless that didnt work in great packaging and I'd be your target market, shallow or what?!

  4. No Debbie, I get that. I quite like the kitsch packaging. Yet, I've never really bought anything from the range. Weird! I'm certainly more directed by scent, so irrespective of the packaging I like to sniff the product and make sure I like it first. This set smells gorgeous.

    I'll get some travel bottles and decant some S&G stuff for you. ;o)x



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