Monday, 21 March 2011

Lazy Girl Manicure

I know, I know.  You've seen it done to death on YouTube and the Blogsphere.  But this was a desperate attempt at sorting out my manicure for work when I didn't have time to repaint my nails.  I grabbed the bottle of Barry M shatter polish and hoped for the best.

 I have to say, I love the result.  I already had Nails Inc Berkeley Street on my nails, which is the most gorgeous vibrant Tiffany blue/green.  But the tip wear was shocking. Well, I had it on for a week, what did I expect?!  Anyway, I think that contrasting Berkeley Street with the black shatter made for a very speedy and eye-catching manicure.

I'm looking forward to the Models Own shatter polishes that are due to be released next month.  That will give me yet more options for lazy girl manicures!

What are your favourite colour combinations for the current shatter polish craze?


  1. See every time I see a pic of this I love it, but I cant quite love it on myself, although I was wearing Filthy Gorgeous Blah (lime green) the other day and it was only after I had taken it off that I realised I should have done a quite coat of the Barry M just to see how it looked! I think this is a great way to get a fortnight out of one manicure - my god did I really just type that? A fortnight? Lol!! x

  2. I really like that.... I have the new China Glaze crackles to play with but haven't experiemented with them yet. I find these toppers make the polish last and last! thanks for this x jeanie

  3. I can't get it to wrok on me. My nails just look horrible when I use it!...Must be doing something wrong! Yours looks really good! x

  4. @Debbie - I saw that green on your blog. It would have looked amazing! Try it out next time. x

    @Jeanie - they are fab and really useful in emergencies like mine! What colour CG Crackles have you got? x

    @Zoe - I used quite a thick layer and covered the entire nail with the Barry M polish, then hoped for the best! LOL I suggest picking a crazy colour for your base. It really pops against the black. I used a top coat too, although I quite like the mixture of matte and shiny x



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