Wednesday, 8 September 2010

I'm no longer looking on the "Bright Side"

Sadly the recent Laura Geller TSV has had to be returned. I know this sounds weird, but even though I'd selected the fair option, the regular Balance N Brighten seemed to be a better colour match.  And to be honest, even the regular is not wearable for me all year round. I can really only get away with it in the summer when I have a little more colour.

As with similar products in this vein, such as MAC MSF's, the pan contains a mixture of colour correcting liquids that are baked into one compact.  It may have just been the one I received, but it seemed to go a bit orange on me and was really nothing like the "fair" shade I'd expected.  Still, with QVC's fantastic 30 day money back guarantee, I was able to see if it worked out and if not, return it for a full refund.  God bless QVC!

So its winging its way back to them as I type. It's a shame really as I quite liked the Sateen blush and Eye shadow/Eye Rimz.  But not enough to make me keep hold of the kit.

Have you bought anything recently that you wish you could return?

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  1. I have to say I feel your pain with LM Balance N Brighten - should have listened to reviews on MUA but it really was too orange for me as well. Even MAC MSF has a touch of the terracotta! Love your blog by the way, will work my way through it joyfully! Thanks for the post Jan



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