Thursday, 19 August 2010

Laura Geller TSV - Looking on the Bright Side

So I succumbed to the Laura Geller On The Bright Side TSV (as predicted!), I had it delivered to my folks, so I only had possession of it last Friday. So I'm excited to finally have a look at it.

The kit included Balance N Brighten in fair/light. I chose this option as I have been using the regular shade over the summer, although I can't say we have seen that much of one at present! But the regular shade is a little dark for me in winter.  I just about get away with it in summer!   I'll be honest, I don't usually use this a my foundation.  I find that it doesn't give as much coverage as I would like. So generally I use it as a finishing powder and take it to work with me for touch up's.   I suppose it is quite similar to a MAC Mineralize Skin Finish. Some people choose to use those as foundation, some as finishing powder. It depends on the individual. I still think this maybe a little dark for winter, but we shall see.

The Baked Sateen eyeshadow/Eye Rimz in Fresco Pink and Mystic Sea is gorgeous.  The whole purpose of the kit is to make you look "fresh, vital and radiant, in a matter of minutes".  The Fresco Pink is designed to be used as a wash of colour all over the entire lid, to make your eyes "pop". Whilst the Mystic Sea Eye Rimz is a dark teal that will enhance the whites of your eyes, making you appear more awake. That's got to be a good thing!  I like that the Eye Rimz can be used wet or dry, depending on the density of colour required.  However, I'm not usually a pink kind of girl.  So I will have to see how I get along with Fresco and report back.

This is a combo of the Ethereal Rose radiance face powder and Blush N Brighten in Sateen Subtle Berry.  I don't suppose that needs any further info from me.  The info that comes with the kit advises you to use them separately, but I think I'll just swirl the brush over the whole thing, me being the rebel that I am.  You might find that I retract that statement at a later date, but for now, that is how I think I'll use it!

The last 2 products are the I-Care eyeliner in Bone and the new Banish N Brighten concealer.  I really like the I-Care eyeliner, its water resistant and can be used on the waterline or as a brow highlight.  I think they have chosen to include Bone as I imagine it is a very flattering shade for everyone.  When I have tried to line my lower waterline with white, it looks too harsh and almost clown like! I think a colour such as Bone or Benefit's Eyebright, which is a baby pink shade,  work better against the skin tone.  I think this product will get a lot of love from me.  Its probably something that I will use on a daily basis.

The Banish N Brighten intrigued me from demonstration on air.  Laura said that the Palladium metal tip would feel cold on the skin.  Now, I haven't actually tried the concealer yet.  I've been having a weekend at home and make up free!  But I did try the metal tip against the eye area and it feels amazing.  I thought the words metal and eye, were something that were just not meant to go together.  But the fact that the very smooth tip of the application remains cold is a real treat for tied eyes  Its an ingenious idea.  Just using the applicator around the area was nice enough, so I cant wait to give the concealer a go tomorrow!  I really, really hope I'm not disappointed with the actual product now. That would be awful.

So, there we go.  That was the On The Bright Side collection.  I've used quite a lot of Laura Geller's range before, so I kind of know what I'm getting.  And its always nice to be introduced to new products from the range.  I optimistically ordered my TSV on Auto-Delivery. Therefore, in January and April I should receive 2 additional kits.  The main items of Balance N Brighten, Banish N Brighten and I-Care remain unchanged, whilst the eyeshadow/Rimz and the Blush N Brighten will change to allow Laura to colour forecast for Winter and Spring.  I think I will see how I get on with the current kit, safe in the knowledge that I can cancel the Auto-Delivery at any time. Big thumbs up to QVC for this.


  1. I've seen her before on QVC and always been intrigued but never bought. The Balance n Brighten looks like something I would use as a finishing powder rather than foundation, but depends if I have a truly flawless princess in front of me or not. The face powder, blusher combo looks good as well, but I'd be tempted to just swirl a brush in it and use it as a blush.

  2. I totally agree. If you had perfect skin, you'd be sorted. But I don't think that the Balance N Brighten offers the same coverage, as something like Bare Minerals does. Hehe! Another blusher rebel... well, that's what I've been doing. It doesn't look too bad, if I say so myself ;o)

  3. The Ethereal Rose and Sateen Subtle Berry combo looks lovely, I can't wait to see how this look on x

  4. OHH i must have missed this show :( when is she on next do you know? was the kit pricey?

    Sher x



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