Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Impromptu Boots Haul

So here is what I got from Boots. I had quite a lot of vouchers left from my birthday, so I popped in after work to pick up a few things...

Sorry about the crappy picture of this one! This is Benefit So Hooked on Carmella fragrance. I know, like I need any more perfume!! But I wanted to use the voucher that my In-Laws had given me as part of my birthday present and so 2 months later, here is my purchase.  Ummmed and Ahhhhhhed about this one for ages. In the end I decided I really liked it and now its mine.  Thank you MIL, FIL and UIL.  I think I'll review this in depth in my fragrance series. Keep a look-out!

I had a £5 No7 voucher and I planned to use it on the eye shadow brush, as I have heard some good reviews.  Then I saw that the new No7 mascara came with a limited edition eye palette.  I'm about ready for a new mascara and was debating if I would give this a try. And the GWP sealed the deal. When I was at the till, the SA mentioned it was 3 for 2 on No7 products and did I want to go and choose another product? Who was she kidding?! I bolted back and picked up the berry lipstick from the AW10 collection. Can't wait to try these out. 3 for 2, fiver off and a free gift...result!

The new Sanctuary facial range had some really good bargains too. I decided to have a change and move away from my beloved No7 Microdermabrasion scrub and try The Sanctuary Warming Microbrasion Polish instead.  I imagine its much the same thing, except its self heating!  I thought that the Pore Refining Toner  might be a good idea given the way my skin is playing up at the moment.  I like the fact that its in a spray bottle for fuss free application,  I'm not usually one for toner (please don't strike me down!) so I will see how I get on with it.  The last little bottle is a sample size of the Illuminating Moisture Lotion SPF15.  I think that these tester/travel sizes are great to give you a taster of the product.

Last, but not least was an ecoTools Concealer Brush. Again I've heard a lot of good things about this brand and wanted to give them a try.  Belated Happy Birthday to me!! hehe

Anyway that's all from me. What have you spent your No7 voucher on?


  1. That is a FAB haul.. I am sad to say I always have these £5 vouchers everywhere (purse, handbag etc) and never use them.. Oh shame on me.
    I must check out their brushes, I didn't even know No7 DID brushes..

  2. I know. I think I found out when Lisa Eldridge was talking about them. In my Boots, the brushes are not with the No7 counter though, they are in the aisle with other brushes, tools and nail stuff. They have a nice looking foundation brush that I would like to try too! If you've got a voucher at the moment, they are valid until 12th September. Just an idea... hehe

  3. Oh yeah thanks, I most definitely have a voucher or two, as I have been to Boots LOADS lately, and I keep stuffing them in my purse.

    Must go and check, could do with a new (or additional I should say) eyeshadow brush.

    I love the look of the new Sanctury stuff, must check it out x

  4. Great Haul I have 2 vouchers to use going to pop in saturday :)
    Great blog by the way

    Sher x

  5. Thank you Sherrie! I used the No7 brush this morning and its fab! I think its akin to the MAC 224 (could have got the number wrong though!) perfect for crease work. I recommend it! And check out the freebie eye palette. The lighter colours are ok, but the dark colours are so pigmented. Gorgeous! x

  6. Hey- Just came to say thanks for the spur on (re: vouchers)..
    I went to Boots and took out my voucher and marched up to the brushes (lol- woman on a mission).

    In the end I got a Ruby & Millie one, as that brand was included on the voucher, and it cost £6.50, so I only paid £1.50- result :)

    It's fabby too, it's an eyeshadown blending brsh!

  7. I didn't even realise that Ruby & Millie were included! Should have read the voucher better. Although, I am happy with my purchases.

    Well that's good, no point wasting the vouchers if you can get a bargain like that. We are the bargain queens!! lol



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