Saturday, 11 September 2010

The Scent of a Woman: Givenchy Ange Ou Demon

I think I first tried this perfume as a Boots January sale purchase (Thank you Family for giving me Boots vouchers for Christmas!!) and its now become another favourite, hence the 2 bottles in stock at the moment.  I think its quite a popular scent as Givenchy have released various "spin off" fragrances such as Ange ou Demon Eau de Toilette Tendre and Ange ou Démon Le Secret, neither of which I have tried.

 I usually don't go for "lighter" versions of perfume I already like and wear, as I don't find they have the intensity that I like.  I guess that's the whole point in releasing them though, for people who generally like the original scent, but feel that that would prefer a slightly softer, lighter version.

This particular perfume seems to last for ages on my skin. I generally wear Eau de Parfum's for this reason. I prefer my scent to go the distance and almost never take perfume out with me, be it work, shopping or out for the evening.  This goes back to a particularly horrendous occasion many years ago, where I lost a full bottle of Ghost (which I'll blog about later) after it falling out of my gym bag and smashing on the floor.  My own fault really, going to the gym! Tut, tut.

Anyway, Givenchy says (oooh that rhymed!):

Givenchy introduces Ange ou Demon perfume, an Oriental Floral perfume centered around the noble lily and magnified by the elegance of palissander and oak woods.

 A sensual and elegant fragrance with a high level of natural ingredients. Ange ou Demon perfume is packaged in a precious bottle that symbolizes luxury and femininity: a unique crystal droplet representing light and shadow.

 TOP NOTES - Crystalline Femininity: white thyme essence, mandarin from Calabria and saffron essence. 

HEART NOTES - Radiant Nobleness: noble lily, ylang-ylang, orchid maxillaria.

BASE NOTES - Mysterious Addiction: tonka bean, vanilla, palissander wood and oak wood essence

Have you smelt this perfume before? What do you think?

Coming next: Dior Addict and Addict Shine


  1. I love a good perfume post, so thanks for this. Not tried Ange Ou Demon, but a work colleague who is a perfume officionado says that it is one of her favourites, may need to go and have a sniff. I do think that Boots has an ever expanding perfume collection and I salute them for that. Very helpful post. Jan

  2. Ooooooh Jan, there is plenty more where that came from!! I have a ton of perfumes. I'm an addict, what can I say. Let me know what you think of it when you've had a sniff.



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