Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Perfume Lust List - Givenchy Play (for her) Eau De Parfum Intense

Picked this fragrance sample up on my travels of Givenchy Play (for her) EDP Intense. I thought it was going to be one of those little bits of cotton mesh that you can rub on your wrist.  So I tore the little packet open.  No cotton mesh! So shook it (upside down natch) and ended up pouring most of the contents into my (VERY) ample bosom!  I've never seen The Boy move so quick!  I was offered the compliment of "cor, you smell gorgeous" in a slightly letchy tone, not dissimilar to Steptoe.  Good job I know he was only joking, with the lechy tone of course. The Boy is very complementary, even if I haven't quite worked out how to graciously accept a compliment... but that's another story altogether!

Naturally, The Boy was right.  I did smell gorgeous. A quick Google resulted in this info on my new lust:

Givenchy has created Play for Her for women who are seductive, energetic with a carefree attitude. A warm Floral Woody Amber fragrance, Play for Her Eau de Parfum Intense exudes a dark sensuality. (Boots)

Captures the senses through irresistible enchantment. The fragrance opens on a fresh caress imagined around orange blossom, and Pink pepper. The enriched persona of the fragrance is enhanced by the warmth of Sandalwood, Tonka bean, Patchouli and Benzoin. (The Perfume Shop)

Needless to say, I have added this one to the Perfume Lust List.  I'll hopefully add this one to my collection in the post Christmas (Boots) voucher frenzy.  I know, its a little early to start thinking about Christmas, but I saw a tweet from Santa Claus on Twitter that said it was 101 nights until Christmas Eve, and that mean's it's actually  only 3 pay-days away. That's if, like me you don't get paid until the end of the month - even at Christmas...grrrrrrrrrrrr!


  1. Ooh def going to try this next time I'm in Boots! Scary how quickly Christmas is coming round x

  2. Flying to ireland for work next week (always book flights from manchester as duty free is waaaaaaaay better than leeds bradford!) so in addition to work notes in my diary I am going to make a note to track this and Contradiction down and have a good old sniff fest. Normally manage to have a bit of a "secret stash" of cash that hubby knows nothing about for "emergency" duty free purchases and it is going to kill me to travel without it this time.

  3. You totally should ladies. I love them both. Where about in Ireland are you off to Debbie?

  4. Went to Athy, to stand in a field, which was muddy and vile til it lashed down overnight and then was just a freaking lake! I work on an agricultural magazine (see why I tend not to mention it!) and so this involves me in going where the farmers go, thank god for Asda menthol lip balm, lips being close to nose it filters out all sorts of nasty pongs - feel like something out of csi!!!

  5. @Debbie - sounds delightful! Bet it's interesting though? And in terms of blocking out other scents, I guess a good perfume is essential, along with the menthol lip balm!! lol



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