Thursday, 16 September 2010

Lust List

There are actually only a few things I want at the moment, usually the list is endless, here are a few.

OPI Diva of Geneva (image nicked from Lipglossiping) I just adore this colour, and a few others from the Swiss Collection but I can confine my lusts to just this one!

Avene Anti-Redness Rich Moisturising Cream. I've been using the Avene Ultra Rich Cold Cream Cleansing Gel which is so lovely and gentle I now want to give this a try, I am so prone to blushing and can get quite red if I get warm so I hope this will help.

CHANEL...anything! I've never owned a Chanel cosmetic which is just ridiculous really, shocking even! I'd like to give a foundation a try.

I'd really like the MAC 138 brush for contouring.

Ok and the MAC 219 Pencil Brush.

Eric Northman.

Whoops! HOW did he get in there? (any excuse!)

What are you lusting after, what else should I be lusting after??


  1. I love posts like these. Am quite keen to try Avene as most people who have tried it rate it. I have 1 Chanel lipgloss and also like the idea of the Pro Lumiere, but at the moment top of my wishlist is NARS Sheer Glow, have a small sample which is lasting nearly a week with more left and I love the finish on my skin. Thanks for the post Jan x

  2. Thanks Jan, I love this sort of post too I'm happy looking at pretty pictures!

    Nars Sheer Glow sounds like it's working for you, I think you need to invest in a bottle! Nothing beats a good foundation!

  3. Didn't get time to comment on this recently, used the Avene anti redness cream ages ago and was pretty happy with it, considering Clinique and other "anti" redness stuff costs a tonne more I rated this stuff, that said also thought the Body Shop Sensitive skin serum did an awesome job - have run out of that an need a re-purchase rapid stylee, whilst I had some sun on my face the red blotches were less obvious, now I am looking a bit more wintery they are back, cue Max Factor Experience foundation which gets them gone, even if its only by covering them!

  4. Ha ha, how apt my "type this weird word to prove you are a humanoid" word was "redint"!



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