Wednesday, 22 September 2010

I'm Done with: CK Euphoria shower creme, TBS Coconut Shower cream & EL Time Zone moisturiser.

Calvin Klein Euphoria Sensual bath and shower creme - I never, ever use the scented products that come with perfume. Is that wrong? Am I weird?  But somehow I have managed to used this.  It's smells just like the fragrance (Doh! Review coming up soon) and it leaves my skin feeling comfortable, with a mere hint of fragrance.  Sometimes, over scented products can make your skin feel really dry and irritated. Not this one.  I wouldn't specifically buy this shower creme again, I didn't intentionally purchase it in the first place. However I would certainly use it again. It's a good freebie.

The Body Shop Coconut shower cream - I've used this product on a number of different occasions. This particular one came from a small gift set, so it is not the usual size.  The smell of coconuts reminds me of sun lotion and happy holidays, so for that reason its an instant pick-me-up scent.  Creamy, comforting and moisturising. What more could you ask for? Love this and will certainly re-purchase when I need new bath/shower products...which is looking to be about 2020!!! 

Estee Lauder Time Zone moisturiser - the blurb on the Estee Lauder website promises "a dramatic reduction in the appearance of lines and wrinkes" - did that happen? Well no, but it was a really small sample size and perhaps I'm a little, dare I say it, young for their target market? I am only just 30!  I liked the creams texture and I do think that my skin felt very soft and supple after use, but I certainly didn't notice anything major and earth shattering  in the wrinkle reduction department.  I probably wouldn't buy this again.  This was another freebie that came with a few other EL purchases.  There are other moisturisers that I like, that are at a more budget friendly price point, that I prefer. So I would probably go with one of those.

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think?


  1. There is a strange satisfaction about finishing a product. Not quite as much as buying something new to try!! hehe

  2. I love the Body Shop coconut shower cream....I always take it on holiday with me..makes me think 'sunny day'. Seeing as autumn is now on us, I may just buy one for the upcoming cold mornings!

  3. I think you should lady! Makes getting out a bed a little easier ;o)



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