Saturday, 14 August 2010

Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol III - on sale at

Pic from (until mine arrives!!!)

So the Urban Decay BoS III has finally been launched on the Debenhams  website and it will now be winging its way to me.  Thanks for the the heads up Vex in the City.  I love her blog, so if you don't follow her already, pop over and have a look.

  I debated (for a nano-second) if I actually really needed another Urban Decay palette.  I have the BoS II that The Boy got me for Christmas last year and I have the Alice in Wonderland palette, which I am ashamed to say has never been out the box for more than a few precious moments.  I don't know what it is about that one, I use the BoS II all the time, but I cant bare to dive in to the Alice palette.  I WILL have to at some point, but not for now.....  Anyway, after the most amazing 30th birthday trip to NYC, I felt like this would be a perfect addition to my collection.  Actually, I didn't need any other justification.  I wanted it, I had birthday money in my account, so I was good to go!

Just have to sit and wait for it to arrive now. Exciting!!


  1. i don't own any UD big palette, i've always wondered if the colors were the same in each palettes, i think that if i buy one, i wouldn't use my mac shadows anymore, or the opposite.

    feel free to post swatch or reviews of the palettes you have :D

    xxx !!

  2. I didn't know this was coming out, I have the sustainable shadow box and can't wait for the naked one to appear, but this looks gorgeous! Going to debenhams now! :)

  3. @paws and pockets - Well, I knew it was coming but I didn't know when. Thanks to Vex in the City's tweet's I've bagged mine. I think someone was saying on Twitter that the Americans wont get it until after Labour Day (6th Sept), so we are quite lucky for a change!

    Have to say, I'm looking forward to the Naked palette too.

    @Lily - just posted about BoS Vol II. Thanks for the request ;O)


  4. great cosmetics, keep it up :)



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