Tuesday, 3 August 2010

My Coral Crush

Whilst having a look for Stereo Rose this morning, I noticed that I had quite a few coral coloured blushers in my collection.  Not having the time to think about it for much more than as passing second, I slapped a bit on, threw it all back in the drawer and headed for my train.

I love coral.  And there is something about a coral toned blush that add's a certain warmth to my pale skin - no bronzer required!. My skin tone is enhanced with a bloom of coral .  I find that I look as though I have a really healthy glow from within (all fake I assure you!). 

 I've included 2 pictures.  First one is in direct sunlight, so you can get a feel for the level of shimmer in each item.  The second is in normal light.

  1. MAC blusher in Peachykeen
  2. Bare Escentuals Tropical Radiance
  3. MAC Stereo Rose MSF
  4. Benefit Coralista

 I still think my favourite is Stereo Rose MSF.  I love the colour pay-off and subtle shimmer that it provides.  I have to say that I really like all of these products.  The one I use least is the Bare Escentuals Tropical Radiance, but maybe that's because I had forgotten I owned it! It also is the most orangey coral in my collection, so perhaps I subconsciously choose the pinker shades.

 I'm not limited to blusher in my love affair with coral.  I love coral nail varnish, lipstick and lip gloss too.

Do you have a colour crush?  


  1. Startlingly dull but I really love a nice browny pink shade, in anything other than nail varnish! Have a need for a nice sheer glossy browned pink cream blusher, use MAC Uncommon currently which is great but can look a bit orange on me. Nail varnish colour crush is def all the pastels at the mo.

  2. in the new accessorize makeup range theres a fantastic coral lippy called coral crush - and it smells divine, amazing! i did a post on it on my blog and had such fun.
    i think Coralista is one of my most prized possessions, i love a coral blush! :)
    Em xxx



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