Saturday, 14 August 2010

For Miss Lily from Paris - Urban Decay BoS II swatches

Lily from ♡ Because girls are princesses ♡ has suggested that I show you the other Urban Decay palettes I have in my collection.  So we will start with the Book of Shadows II, as I don't own volume I.

I think these palettes are incredible value. 16 eye shadows, 2 eye liners (in Zero and Bourbon) and a travel size of the infamous Primer Potion (not shown) all for around £30.  So just basing the price on the 16 shadows alone, you get an individual unit price of less than £1.87 per shadow.  I can't imagine there are many brands that sell mono eye shadows for less than 2 quid a pop!

This was my second foray into Urban Decay.  The Boy bought me this for Christmas last year. My First was the Revolver palette, but I will post about that later.  This palette has got something for everyone.  Neutral shades, bright blue's, vibrant green's and smoky sliver and purple. Its a great entrance point for the brand if you know nothing about the Urban Decay brand.

The shadows are mainly shimmer. With the only exception being Perversion, a matte black.  The picture doesn't pick this up very well, but some of the shadows (about 3) include glitter.  The most notorious of these shades being Midnight Cowboy Rides Again (MCRA).  As much as I love this light gold colour, I never use it after a fall down disaster!  No matter what I do, or how I apply this shadow, it ends up all over my face, usually in a weird panda style halo around my eyes.  I have heard that MCRA features again in the BoS III,  as does Perversion.  Matte black - useful colour to have. MCRA - looks like I've been rolling about in a snow shaker. I can foresee that I wont use this colour when my new palette arrives.  Surely Urban Decay could have come up with something other than that??  Maybe its just me, maybe everyone else loves it. Hmmmmm.

So now for the swatches

  1. Sphynx
  2. Mushroom
  3. Sellout
  4. Nylon
  5. AC/DC
  6. Ecstasy
  7. Gunmetal
  8. Perversion

9. Half Baked

10. Twice Baked
11. Midnight Cowboy Rides Again
12.  YDK
13. Jinx
14. Flipside
15. Homegrown
16. Misdemeanor

So, besides my disdain for the fallout from Midnight Panda Rides Again...Sorry, did I say panda? I mean't Cowboy.  My only other issue with the Book of Shadows is the packaging, which I'm sorry to say, I hate! Its not very user friendly. The drawer sometimes gets stuck and its a bit clumsy to store or travel with.  All that being said, I still love the product as a whole and you can't fault the value for money.  My way around the packaging is that I am going to invest in a Z Palette and depot the whole BoS into there.  When I get round to posting about the Alice in Wonderland palette, you might see why I'll find that a little more difficult to cut up! But I feel that it needs to be in a more usable format, for me anyway. So the Z Palette will probably be the way forward.

Does this help or hinder Miss Lily??


  1. it definitly helps :D

    it's a great and complete review !!!!

    thank you so much, i wasn't expecting that you would post it so quickly !

    xxx !!!!

  2. No problem. I was staying in last night so it gave me something to do, with a glass of vino. I'm just taking pics of the others, so keep a look out! x

  3. Love the look of AC/DC and Ecstasy!

  4. Yeah they are pretty amazing. I think there are a couple of purple shades in the BoS Vol III, that should be arriving tomorrow!! So as soon as that pops through the letterbox (and I arrive home from work) will get some pics on here.



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