Sunday, 29 August 2010

Do I see a pattern??

As it's a Bank Holiday weekend and I am totally skint until payday on Tuesday (yup, bummer I know!) I have been enjoying a very relaxing (and cheap!) weekend in my PJ's.  Its given me time to catch up on lots of boring jobs at home such as cleaning and laundry etc, but I've also allowed myself a little me time.  So as  I was sat in the bath flicking through the September issue of Glamour magazine and I noticed this section with interest, entitled "Your new beauty best friends".  

One of the product recommendations was the Per-fekt Eye Perfection Gel (£38). Notice anything familiar?? Looks like metal tips are the applicator of choice for any product that relates to the eye area. In addition to Per-fekt,  brands such as Garnier are using a metal roller-ball as the applicator for their Eye Roll On with Caffine. As is Laura Geller, who I posted about recently. 

I've been using the Laura Geller Banish N Brighten for a little while now and I love the cooling sensation of the  Palladium tip. Its not in the least bit scratchy or irritant around the eye area. Its smooth and cooling on the skin. Its actually a very odd sensation.  No matter how long you leave it on the skin, it never really warms up to body temperature.  In fact, I really like gently running it around the eye area without the concealer. I use it (sans concealer) in the mornings after an application of eye cream to encourage a bit of de-puffing.  The concealer is ok. Its just a bit thin for my liking.  I would imagine it would be ok to use as a luminizer, but I haven't tried it like that yet. 

It does make sense why companies would embrace this application technique, as I certainly think the cooling metal does help de-puff the very sensitive eye area.  But thinking about it, wouldn't a cold tea spoon do the same job? What say you? Are these innovative eye products worth investing in? 

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