Wednesday, 4 August 2010

80 Fulham Road - Possible dupe for Chanel Paradoxal?

I was catching up on a few new blog updates and noticed that that Helen from Just Nice Things had blogged about the much coveted Chanel Paradoxal nail varnish for AW10,  that is due to hit counters around 13th August.  It is without question a divine colour, however, if you have a look at Helen's review, she did make reference to it's lack of staying power and its propensity to chip/flake within a fairly short time frame.

I don't know about you, but  for me there can be nothing more disappointing than lusting after a product that fails to live up to your expectations.  Chanel is obviously a leader in the luxe make-up category, but if I buy into the whole "luxe" ethos, I expect "luxe" products for my "luxe" price-tag. I really hoped that this product would not fall into this category, as I would have liked it to become my first Chanel nail varnish!

 Now, having never tried the Chanel Paradoxal polish, I really cannot comment any further.  I do suggest you take a look at Helen's review.  That's the beauty of blogsphere. If you haven't tried it, there will be someone out there that has and is blogging about it!

 And while I decide if I can live with the slight chipping and flaking, I came across 80 Fulham Road by Nails Inc.  Could this be my money saving dupe?!  What can be better than a polish you already own?  I have asked Helen if she could do a quick comparison, as I believe she owns both polishes. So I wait to hear her expert opinion.  It does seem a little lighter than Paradoxal, so the question is can I live with that??

I also heard on Twitter that Models Own Purple Grey polish  was a cheaper alternative to Paradoxal.  Unfortunately, my local Boots do not appear to stock that shade at the moment, so I can't confirm or deny this either!

What do you think?  To dupe or not to dupe?


  1. I will definitely get to this comparison asap for you. Hopefully tonight if the sun is still out by the time I've got home from work.

  2. Thank you Helen! Would be interesting to see :o). Its raining here today, no sun for us.

  3. Oh, I haven't heard of 80 Fulham Road, where did you get it? It look gorge!

  4. I think it came from QVC (natch!) in a designers collection. I think the polishes were named after special locations (like flagship stores) for particular designers. I've had it a while now. I'd obviously like the Chanel polish, but maybe I can live with this one.



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