Monday, 16 August 2010

Oh no! I'm out of Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer....

I have really loved this product.  I find it has great coverage and seems to work on both blemishes and under the eyes. The big question is, do I stick with it and re-purchase or can someone recommend something else I can try??

(P.S Yay for me, finishing another product!! I'm getting good at this ;o) )


  1. It looks simply great! I need to try it!
    Would you recommend it for acne scars too?

  2. I think it probably would be quite good for that, its very creamy and easy to blend. I hear the Amazing Cosmetics concealer is fabulous too!

  3. Hi Leanne,
    I've just started following your blog, as an avid OCDer myself :)

    Anyway, I'd really reccomend Laura Mercier Secret concealer.

    I think it's designed for undereye, but it works on all blemishes.

    Another good one is Benefit Boi-ing, brilliant undereyes and on redness on face + for spots and scars!!

    Hope that helps and you find a new concealer :)

  4. I actually had a look at the Laura Mercier concealer on Saturday. But the highly over zealous sales assistant really put me off!! Maybe I'll try again when she is not around :o)

    Thanks for following us and for the advice.



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