Friday, 14 May 2010

Went to London in search of Milan....and came back with London!?!

So, I'm back after my brief sojourn to London.  Pictured above is the Nails Inc/Diet Coke nail varnish in "London", not quite sure how I managed to get it into my head that it was called "Milan", which must now be the only colour from this collection that I haven't got.  But there you go!  (Nic, don't worry, I got you one too!!) Thank god the Boots at Euston had it in stock.

As I mentioned previously, the colours do seem very similar to other Nails Inc shades. Below is China Town and New York.

And this is Paris and Piccadilly Circus. As the lighting is not so great (sorry!) my camera doesn't seem to pick up the very slight changes in colour between each shade. Rest assured, they certainly aren't identical.  However, if you already have colours like this, you may not want/need to rush out and collect them all. I'm still glad I got mine though. Think I'll give myself a manicure over the weekend and take "London" for a spin.


  1. This is why I have resisted so far..I hate Diet Coke and the colours are quite samey...great bargain though if you are drinking the Coke anyway and you need any of the colours!

  2. I know Nikki. Bit disappointed when I got home and realised they were almost identical to colours I had! Oh well, the search continues...



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