Monday, 3 May 2010

April Favourites: All things Bright and Beautiful.

My favourite look for April has been light and natural on the eyes and cheeks with bright lips, it's been perfect for the recent sunny weather we've been having here in the UK. When most of your face is covered in over sized sunglasses you need to make a statement with you lips! My most loved colours are MAC's Love Lorn, a bright but wearable pink, and Strawberry Suede, a beautiful corally pink colour, from Revlons matte collection.

If my lips aren't looking their best I tend to give lipstick a miss. Lipstick on dry skin? Yuk! But lets not let that get us down when there is Clarins Crystal Lip Balm, I have it in Crystal Coral which has enough colour payoff to be seen but is sheer and glossy enough to camouflage less than perfect lips. These balms are packaged just like a lipstick and are reminiscent of 'Push-Pops' (remember those?) the formulation is super smooth and moisturising. I'm actually inspired to use this product, while boring old Chapstick is left to fester at the bottom of my bag, because - well because it looks so good! I'm such a sucker for packaging but my lips are all the better for it and that's what counts! Right?

My original purpose to be at the Clarins counter was to pick up the Liquid Bronze after reading a few very good reviews on it. The light lotion is super easy to apply, smells pleasant enough on application and best of all doesn't attack you two hours later with that 'Granny's old biscuit tin' smell. The colour is so natural looking even I keep forgetting it came from a bottle, it's light enough for my fair skin and buildable over a few days so you can't mess it up! It's everything I want in a facial tanner, love!

Which leads me nicely to a facial exfoliator (a must before applying any faux tan!) L'oreal Perfect Clean Exfoliator which comes with a soft flexible gadget called a "Scrublet" to gently work the product into the skin for a good thorough scrub. Far from just being a gimmick I suspect it may be this little fellow that does the hard work rather than the product so I've been using it with my daily face wash as a gentler exfoliation. I love my little Scrublet, he's a keeper!

April has been a beauty and makeup success for me, I'm looking forward to seeing what May brings - hopefully more sunshine! What did you love in April?

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  1. Nic, I love the Scrublet too, but I am not over fussed on the wash! Is that wrong?? I've got the Perfect Clean foaming gel wash for normal/combination skin. Have to say that I have used it a few time and my skin feels really tight afterwards.

    You might want to have a go at using the Scrublet for the Elemis Pro Radiance cream cleanser or the Tri-Enzyme facial wash. It seems to make them work better. I suppose that might be the case for any cleanser. Just a thought...



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