Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Time for a Diet Coke break!

Ladies (and Gents if you are so inclined), if you live in the UK and like Nails Inc, get yourself down to Boots to grab a bargain.  Buy 2 bottles of Diet Coke and you will become the proud owner of a limited edition nail varnish by Nails Inc & Diet Coke.

I popped into to Boots at lunchtime (ok, I made a visit just for this!) to have a nosey at the colours they had in stock.  As it turns out, the Liverpool store (in Clayton Square) had all but the greige colour, it's called Milan I think.  The colours pictured here are Paris (L) and New York (R).  As I am trying to be more adventurous with colour I thought I would go for these.  I decided against the red shade, which I think may have been London (?) as I wanted something a little more spring like.  And whilst they are lovely, I don't think they are terribly unique to the Nails Inc colour palette. Paris is very similar to Piccadilly Circus and New York is not so very far from China Town, which I discussed in my previous post.  That is not to say that this is not a great deal.  I mean, who doesn't want an £11 nail varnish for "almost" free?!

I'm heading down to London tomorrow for work, so I've promised Nic that I'll keep my eyes open for a sighting of Milan. In the meanwhile, I guess I'll be having lots of Diet Coke breaks...


  1. Oh, don't know why I had just assumed you were in the States, nice to know you are a bit more "local!!! Saw these in Boots and was a bit meh about the colours to be honest. Am having a few issues with Nails Inc too, having bought the Griege collection only to find the brushes were pants and emailed them, promised new collection, nothing for 2 months, emailed to find initial contact had left and new contact offered a single bottle of Jermyn Street instead of the collection originally offered - how crap is that? - emailed again suggesting an alternative collection (cheeky buy hey! its been 2 months) and have had no reply. So over Griege now though, fashion - it's a fickle mistress!

  2. Oh no, that's not great customer service, is it!
    I tend to get my Nails Inc from QVC, although I have purchased from the concession in Debenhams. I've never actually bought anything from them directly. Hope they can redeem themselves soon Debbie ;o)

  3. Bugger just typed my reply and then lost the whole thing! They have redeemed themselves - received a glossy purple jiffy bag this morning that was so fab had it been empty the magpie in me would have been delighted with it alone! Inside that was a black Nails Inc box and in that, wrapped in black tissue was a bottle of St Johns Wood; had emailed and said instead of Griege would rather the one bottle of SJW. So I am well pleased, it's the colour of a purple smartie and I am dying to try it out but need to try and get some photos of GOSH Rainbow on top of Purplicious and then do a ton of cleaning before I can!

  4. Yay! Well done Nails Inc. Ohhh it sounds lovely. No wonder you're excited about trying it out. Nails are a bit of a sore point with me this weekend. I have had a bit of a trauma with Ebay/Konad, but that's another story...



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