Monday, 10 May 2010

Cosmo says "June's HOT Beauty Trend is - Bright Pink Nails" So who am I to argue?!

Cosmo is THE style Bible and I have been flicking through its pages for as long as I can remember. I just love it! So obviously when they said that one of the hot beauty trends for June is hot pink nails, I simply obeyed. Even though it is only May!!

For those of you not familiar with this Cosmo feature, they show you 3 beauty trends for the month and give you 3 options - Today... Payday... Oneday...  I always like to have a little browse at the products and when I read that particular feature I thought "I'm sure I've got something in my collection that would work". Considering I am on a strict spending ban until I go to New York (Have I mentioned that I'm excited about that?? No, well I am!) I thought I would be good, even though their today option (Star Gazer polish in 104) was a meagre £2.

Anyway, I trawled through my abundant collection (oh dear, that's another post!) and came across this Nails Inc polish in China Town. Its a vibrant shocking pink, with a gorgeous sheen of blue iridescence running through it, which is probably not very clear in the picture.  Its not a very "Leanne" colour at all.  In all honesty, I prefer dark nail varnish, irrespective to the time of year.  This little gem was lurking in the back, no doubt sourced from a fabulous QVCUK set and then quickly discounted. And given my recent "swapsies" with Nic, its lucky it survived in my collection at all!   I gave it a go and to my total surprise, I love it even though my nails are probably a little too short at the moment to show it off fully.  The weather was grey and miserable in Liverpool today, but my nail polish was as fresh and zingy as a spring morning. 

I'm sure this would look equally lovely on tanned tootsies this summer in a pretty pair of sandals. Maybe I should try to be a little more adventurous with my colour choices.  At the moment my dalliance with China Town is about as exciting as it gets...for now!


  1. Ohh your nails look lovely, have China Town too - in fact you gave it to me!

    I'm very happy to hear this since I have quite a few pinks in my collection.

    Your nails look lovely, I can recommend OPI Shorts Story as another gorgeous bright pink with cool undertones.

  2. Ha! I'm such a good friend ;o)



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