Monday, 10 May 2010

Nic's 10 Things I Cannot Live Without.

1. GHD's! Forget The Wheel or the Internal Combustion Engine, this invention has revolutionalised my life! The days of hour long blow drys and crappy straighteners with various attachments (crimpers anyone?) before every night out, only to hit fresh air and have it all ruined, are thankfully over! Shameful though it is to admit I haven't blowdried my hair in the 6/7 years that I've had my GHD's, I just blast it dry and add heat protectant before straightening and I'm good until my next wash. Fabulous!

2. Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation SPF15 in Porcelain. This foundation is so easy to apply, I use fingers or a foundation brush, it melts into my skin and becomes a part of it for that 'yes my skin is fabulous' appearance.

3. Benefit Coralista - I know! Who doesn't love this? It's such a refreshing change from the usual pink tones and goes with everything - or at least thats what I tell myself when I reach for it every day!

4. MAC eyeshadow in Motif. I had this shadow as part of a loot I bagged on ebay, I would never have bought it otherwise as it looks a tad Dijon-ish in the pan, it's quite a sheer duochrome so when the light hit's it you get a beautiful light pink shimmer. I simply adore it, I tend to reach for it when I'm just looking for something quick but interesting to wear with a bit of brown eyeliner but it's also fabulous as a highlight or a base for a brown smokey eye.

5. Smashbox no 21 bent eyeliner brush. Makes applying gel eyeliner a breeze! I can get a super skinny line or thick line and it's perfect for creating a wing with a lovely sharp point. I just did a swap with LeanneOCD and she gave me another of these, yay!

6. Bare Escentuals Warmth. This is perfect if your looking for a healthy, natural 'inner glow' effect rather than the sunkissed look that you get from bronzer. I find it especially good during the transition from winter to summer to add a little colour without changing my foundation.

7.ELF Studio Brushes. I have all of the studio brushes from ELF, I prefer the face brushes to the eye ones but at £3.50 each you really can't go wrong. They're synthetic, cruelty free (as is the entire ELF range), they wash well and dry very quickly too which is a huge bonus for me.

8.OPI Nail Envy. My nails grow quite quickly and are strong but a couple of them have a tendancy to break off at a certain point so I end up having to file them all down to match. Nail Envy stops that from happening and gives me perfect nails within a couple of weeks. I've been neglecting my nails recently so they look awful right now but it's good to know I have this ready to fix me up!

9. L'occitaine Verbena Body Ice Gel. I have tried many cooling body lotions but this one is by far the best. I bought it towards the end of last summer and It doesn't just cool you down it freezes you! The cool feeling lasts a good long while too so you don't have to constantly reapply it. Admittedly we didn't have the hottest summer last year so I haven't had chance to give it the ultimate test of hot summer nights or boiling days but I have faith, it does a perfect job after my volcanic lava temperature baths so I know it's a hard worker!

10. Elemis Tri-Enzyme Facial Wash. I started to use this facial wash at the beginning of this year and the difference it has made to my skin is incredible, I'll dedicate a post to explain more about that soon!

and a Bonus No 11, Threading! I'm adding this in as an extra because it isn't really a product but I absolutely can't live without my brow taming appointments. Perfect brows everytime and no more over enthusiastic plucking mishaps!

Which products do you refuse to live without?


  1. Right with you on the threading, oh and the straighteners - although do tend to use them to add a bit of "finish" rather than to do all the work! Latest must have is a new hair brush that has made blow drying much better, smooth and volume! And Body Shop Sensitive skin serum which is calming my red blotchy skin like a demon and Max Factor Second Skin foundation, after years of high-end foundation discovered this and love it - have dry skin and its much less powdery than other foundations I have tried. Love the blog btw!

  2. Hi Debbie!

    I need to know more about this brush of yours, it sounds just what I need?! I must get around to trying Max Factor Second Skin, everyone sees to rave about it.

    Thank you for your lovely comments!



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