Saturday, 22 May 2010

Obsessive Cosmetics Disorder - Its an illness you know?

This is my photo of shame.  If you had asked me, I'd have said "I don't have that many nail varnishes". Oh how wrong I was!

The sad thing is - this isn't all of it! I've found at least another 10 or so that were lurking around.  As you can see I'm a particular fan of dark colours.  Purples, blues, greens, black. I love them all.
I have quite a few OPI and Nails Inc (which I have added to recently),  I am also loving China Glaze and Essie which I have been buying from Ebay.  I think I'll save particular favourites for another post, as there are simply too many to go into now.

 Wonder if I'll find anything fabulous in NYC. I think so ;o)


  1. I larged up your photos - that's quite a bi-polar nail varnish collection isn't it?!! lots of dark and vampy off set by nudes and pinks, mahoosive Nails Inc collection too, are you feeling the envy?! Suggest a whole empty suitcase for NYC shopping, cant wait to see that haul! btw your comment to Em re the photos of her was hilarious, only just spotted it!

  2. Isn't it just! Lots of the lighter colours come from sets (QVC mainly)as its not something that I would usually buy. I am trying to get a bit braver though although I am still drawn to the vampy shades.

    Nic has got all the China Glaze Up and Away collection (Pastels, which I am very jealous of!) and actually, has a lot more Nails Inc on the way!! I'm liking a bit of coral at the moment to offset the dark and moody colours I usually go for.

    The Boy suggested that we can post heavier items home to ourselves. Now isn't that the most ingenious idea? Not sure why I didn't think of it. Might take a bit longer, but we wont have to pay tonnes on the excess baggage ;o)

    As for your very beautiful daughter, she needs to deal with the fact that its a lovely picture and she looked lovely in it! hehe

  3. it's a pretty collection !!!!!!!
    i only own 6 nail polishes :) but i'm waiting for my first OPI haul parcel to arrive, then i'll post pics :D

    xx !

  4. Thanks Lily! Can't wait to see your OPI haul. Did you choose colours from a particular collection, or just ones that you liked?



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