Saturday, 22 May 2010

Lead us not into temptation....

Don't QVC  know that I am saving up for a big spend-fest in New York? Why do that have Bare Escentuals at Anniversary Prices  this weekend, when I am trying not to buy anything!?!? Talk about testing my resolve.

That being said there are some lovely things, the Bare Escentuals 3 Piece Morocco Eye Collection being one of them. I just love the Eclipse liner/shadow. Gorgeous!

Now I'll just close the website window without saying "add to basket". Promise! ;o)


  1. ooh you have trashed my head! Heaven 17 on a loop now thanks to you, god I LOVED that song! Oh and well done on the zero spend in spite of Temptation, aren't we just the frugalist bloggists! (PS if the Heaven 17 ref means nothing to you please don't let on, I will feel ancient!!)

  2. Of course I know it, total classic and I'm singing the bloody thing now.. grrr

    Feeling very pleased that I restrained myself. Will all be worth it in the end. Just had to keep telling myself that I didn't need anything from the shows (although I WANTED almost everything I saw!).



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