Thursday, 20 May 2010

Enabler Alert! Nails Inc Offers...

Just a quick heads up on a fab offer Nails Inc have at the moment.

If you spend £35 (easily done!) you can choose a free pair of rather nice sunglasses, you can choose either Sophia, Audrey or Trieste but better still if you join the Ultimate Reward Scheme you'll receive 10% off your order and all future orders, a free nail polish, a Birthday gift in your birthday month and you'll collect points on your orders so for each £10 you spend you'll receive 1 point, collect 5 points and you'll get £5 off your order and 10 points will get you £10 off your order.

It cost's £5 to sign up to the reward scheme for a year but my 10% discount more than paid for that.

Last night I ordered (I swear no more nail polish for me for...a while...!)5 polishes and a cuticle remover , got a free pair of Trieste sunglasses and joined the scheme for £40.94 (including postage) - Bargain!! I also now have 4 points!

Hope that helps someone! If you do place an order don't forget to tell us what you got!

Expect a Nails Inc heavy haul post coming soon .....


  1. You are a very wicked woman!!

  2. don't forget to post the pics of the haul then :D

    i recently ordered way too much nail polish from OPI and essie, i'll post the pics when the parcel will be arrived :)

  3. I will Lily! I've bought quite a few nail varnishes recently I'll take pictures of them all when this latest order arrives.

    Can't wait to see your pictures too! Shockingly I don't own any Essie, yet.

  4. Have you goodies arrived yet Nic?? What are the sunnies like?



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