Thursday, 23 February 2012

a-england: Lady of the Lake

Even though my Saint George manicure could have lasted a few more days, I was desperate to mix it up and try another of my a-england acquisitions.  So here is the divine Lady of the Lake (the name of which always makes me think of the lovely Charlie aka Lady of the Lane - just thought I'd throw that in there!)  from The Mythicals collection.  Isn't she a stunner?

A deep purple base with holographic particles. Okay, there is nothing about that description that I don't like. It is another beauty to apply.  Really, even the clumsiest application  (and believe me I'm no nail technician as you can plainly see!) looks pretty damn perfect.  I always appreciate products and formula's that 'perfect' the application of said product, even if the user is quite inept! 

Again I've included a few blurry shots to show of the holographic particles, because these nail varnishes are just mesmerising.  

Last picture of Lady of the Lake is taken with flash so you can see some of the holo effect.  Trust me, nothing is going to do these polishes justice until you see them with your own eyes.  I've taken a shed load of pictures.  Most of which don't even come close to capturing their true unique beauty.  

Next up from my a-england collection is Bridal Veil... Well, until my next order arrives!


  1. Wow stunning and the name always makes me think of charlie Lottle, as I think of her because of her twitter name @charlielotl!!

  2. Mmm I think I need some A-England polishes but I won't break my spending ban.....for now....if I do I shall put the blame solely at your feet :D

    1. And I will take that blame because your my friend! They are really amazing nail varnishes. Three more arrived yesterday. It's love!



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